Your keys to organizing

Not a big post today, just some inspiration to get you thinking about where to keep your keys so you’re not searching for them when you need to leave your house. Obviously, you can keep them in a bowl or on a plain hook, but you can also do something fun with them.

We found these two cute animal key holders on Amazon that also store mail and I think they’re super fun.

A Bear:

An Elephant:

Where do you put your keys? Are you in the habit of hanging them up or dropping them into the exact same spot each time you enter your home? If not, is this a routine you can easily incorporate into your life? It’s nice to know where your keys are in your house, especially in emergency situations.

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  1. posted by [email protected] on

    99% of the time I put them back in my purse. My husband puts his on the ledge in the dining room – most of the time.

    Those are SO cute! If I wasn’t already good at putting my keys away, I might have to have one.

  2. posted by Bailey on

    We have a keyholder by the back door; it has 4 hooks on it. The first hook is for car#1, the second hook is for car#2, the third hook is for our son’s keys, and the last hook has keys for outdoor yard locks. Our keys are always easy to find, plus it is easy to see at a glance if any keyrings are missing and we can locate them before they are desperately needed.

  3. posted by Alice F. on

    A friend had a hook for her keys right next to the front door and inspired me to do the same. It’s been one of the best things I’ve ever done. It’s a plain hook (one of those designed to release from the wall cleanly since I live in an apartment), but it’s awesome!

  4. posted by Linda on

    We have a garage, so we leave the keys on the center console of each car.

  5. posted by Sue on

    Mine are always in the side pocket of my purse. (I buy purses that have a side pocket for my keys and one for my cellphone.)

    At work, we deal with dozens of keys, so we put up a board in a cabinet. There is a hook for each key, and a label over the hook. Each key is attached to a white plastic tab which is also labeled. We can tell at a glance if one is missing. If someone has an extended need for a certain key, they sign it out. If it is just for an hour or so, I stick a post-it note with their name onto the hook.

  6. posted by Kathy on

    My keys go in a small basket on my kitchen counter. If they’re not there, they’re in my coat pocket.

  7. posted by Nicole on

    We keep our keys in a bin in our laundry room since it connects to our garage. It’s great because never have to search for our keys when leaving the house.

  8. posted by Julie Bestry on

    At home, my keys always go on a rolling cart where I keep my purse, my keys and whatever needs to leave the house with me for work or life. When I’m out in the world, I keep my keys in a deep coat or pants pocket rather than my purse (99% of the time) so that if my purse were ever stolen or lost, I wouldn’t be stranded. If I didn’t have this dedicated table, I’d use a teacup hook or small bowl, but always kept in the same place.

  9. posted by Pat Reble on

    As someone who works in a prison, I’ve had some interesting conversations with prisoners about keys. They LOVE people who leave keys labelled in easy to find places. Makes their job so much easier! Key racks don’t belong beside the door or in cars unless you want to become a crime statistic. It’s possible to be organised without being obvious…

  10. posted by Anna on

    During the night: always on the dresser. During the day: always in my left-hand pocket (I’m left-handed) from morning until bedtime. All my clothes have pockets.

  11. posted by Mark on

    I go really low tech…a nail!

  12. posted by Gypsy packer on

    Work and house keys are on a cup hook between nightstand and bed. Car keys are in my purse. Low tech and dirt cheap.

  13. posted by liz on

    I have a nice table in the hallway that has lots of small drawers. One is dedicated for the purse, keys, glasses, etc. Other drawers have hats, scarves, gloves, flashlights, stamps & envelopes, etc. Very handy and keeps the clutter off the top.

  14. posted by Barbara on

    Mine go in a small hanging basket next to the hall closet.

  15. posted by Georgina on

    We leave one set in the door lock so we are not searching even a little bit in an emergency, and the other on the hall table next to the door. back door keys on the side next to the back door.

  16. posted by DawnF on

    My keys are always in my purse and my husband’s keys are always in our supply drawer in the kitchen.

    The “key” is consistency. Find a convenient, logical spot for you and your family and stick with it. Don’t be lazy and fling them down wherever ~ consistently return them to that convenient location each and every time you aren’t using them.

  17. posted by on

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