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  • Unitasker Wednesday: BeanSlice
    It is rare that someone submits a unitasker and my first thought is, “I want that!” But this week, that was my response. Even I, the UNCLUTTERER, am tempted by plastic doodads that do the exact same thing as the knives I already own.


  • Use your mac as a television
    The elgato EyeTV Hybrid lets you watch televised programming on your Mac without needing a dedicated television set.


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  1. posted by rebekah on

    so disagree about the popcorn popper! I don’t have a microwave because it is a waste of space, but popping popcorn on the stovetop is such a mess when you go to clean up the sticky oil afterwards. We have popcorn once a week, and the popcorn maker requires zero clean-up. It’s a keeper.

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