50 ways to use a basket

“My stuff is all over the place”, she said to me.
The answer is easy, organizationally.
I’d like to help you in your desire to be neat,
There must be fifty ways to use a basket.

Organizing doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. Small baskets can be purchased at discount stores and can be used in many ways. Put them in drawers to group similar items together. Put them on counters to stop clutter from spreading. The following is a list with 50 ways to use a small basket.

In the kitchen:

  • to group spice jars together
  • to hold packets of sauce mixes
  • to hold lids for reusable food plastic storage containers
  • to group small, sharp knives together in the drawer
  • to group measuring spoons in the drawer
  • to hold all the parts for the food processor
  • to hold re-usable wine corks
  • to hold twist ties
  • on the counter to hold the plugs for the kitchen sink and the pot scrubber

In the fridge:

  • to group together small round cheeses, cheese slices and cheese sticks
  • to hold mini yogurt containers
  • to contain single use soy sauce, mustard, and ketchup packets for lunches

In the office desk drawer for:

  • paper clips and staples
  • tape, hole punch
  • erasers and correction fluid
  • highlighters, markers
  • pens, pencils
  • batteries and small screwdrivers
  • postage stamps and envelopes

In the bathroom to contain:

  • eye glass cleaning accessories
  • contact lens accessories
  • hair elastics, barrettes, etc.
  • make up and accessories
  • nail polish and nail care accessories
  • razors, shaving accessories
  • bandages, antibiotic cream
  • dental supplies (toothpaste, floss, etc.)
  • feminine hygiene supplies

In the bedroom:

  • to group jewelry on the dresser
  • to hold coins found in pockets
  • beside the bed to hold lip balm, hand cream, etc.

At the front entry to hold:

  • spare change from pockets
  • wallet, keys
  • cell phone and Blackberry
  • shoe polish and rags

In the toolbox for:

  • small screwdrivers
  • drill bits
  • sockets for socket wrench
  • router bits
  • hooks, nails, screws
  • clips and clamps

To contain children’s:

  • paints, brushes
  • beads and thread
  • yarn and knitting needles
  • crayons
  • doll clothes and shoes
  • blocks
  • small parts for board games
  • playing cards

In the car’s glove box to contain:

  • mini measuring tape, pen, cell phone recharging cord, sunglasses

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  1. posted by Fairfax Avenue on

    I can certainly vouch for baskets in the bathroom! Teenage daughter’s stuff was taking over the counter. I found a basket, corralled everything and now it’s only about 1/8th what it was.

    I do find that too many containers invites them to be filled; I stopped leaving decorative bowls in the living room because they always filled with “stuff”. No bowls there = no Stuff.

  2. posted by Bren on

    If I was more artistically inclined I would continue the song, but unfortunately I just can’t think of anything.

    I, too, am a huge fan of using baskets to contain petty much everything, but it’s such a simple solution that people often just don’t think of it at all (search offbeathome.com for ‘baskets moment’ for an amusing anecdote on the subject).

  3. posted by Julie Bestry on

    Jacki Brown or Paul Simon? Separated at birth! 🙂

    In my desk, I’ve always used those flat-bottom baskets (as pictured) to vertically corral checkbook registers until after tax time.

    In the bathroom, I use them to separate eye makeup and face makeup (for when I buy up recently-discontinued favorite blushes and eye shadows).

    For clients who really like gum, these flat little baskets are great for keeping different flavors together (or separate, by basket, to keep your Minty from your Fruit Strips).

  4. posted by Alicia on

    Where do you find the best baskets? I could use some but would like plastics for kitchen, and natural fibers for other rooms.

  5. posted by Jen on

    Excellent ideas for using baskets! I’ve found great baskets at Goodwill and Salvation Army thrift stores for $1-$5. The dollar stores also have cute baskets for just $1!

  6. posted by G. on

    The only one that makes me think “???” is the car’s glove box. The one’s I’ve seen are an odd wedge shape that will dump the contents of a basket when closed. I think zippered pencil cases might be a better solution. However there might be room under the front seat for a shallow basket to hold items.

  7. posted by Laurie Buchanan on

    Fantastic, PRACTICAL Ideas — thank you!

    And then there are those (myself included) who are “Basket Cases:”

  8. posted by Millita on

    To me, it is a way to handle chaos, entropy. Lids for example will take as much space as you allow. So if you put a basket, you simply define the space it should take and it can’t go over this.

    What I don’t like about most baskets on the market, is the fact that the sides are not a full straight vertical and that they have a small border. Most plastic basket have inclined sides, probably to stack them easily. However, you lose space by placing several baskets besides each other.

  9. posted by Michelle on

    “Pick up the stuff, Duff
    No need to have a mess, Tess
    Get it together, Heather
    Just get yourself free”

  10. posted by squibby on

    Other uses for little baskets

    In the office – small computer items like toners and memory sticks

    In the kitchen/bar -drink measures, stirrers, corks, wine charms etc.

    When doing any creative task – all the small items you need to use, eg craft items

  11. posted by Jacki Hollywood Brown on

    Check a discount department stores for baskets at a decent price. The baskets in the article were found at a local “dollar store.” For decorative baskets, try looking at home decor stores. For sturdy baskets, look at hardware stores.

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