Audio version of Unclutter Your Life in One Week half off until January 2

This promotion has ended. Good luck organizing in 2014.

Interested in getting uncluttered and organized in the new year? For the next week, between now and January 2, 2014, we’re putting the audio version of Unclutter Your Life in One Week on sale for $4.99 through our site to help you get started.

The $4.99 sale price is significantly less ($19.95 on Audible) than on other retailers, it is DRM-free (you can use it on any audio device, irrespective of manufacturer), and it comes with corresponding worksheets for free. And, just for clarification, this deal is only for new purchases of the audiobook through our site. It does not include any of the other retailers.

Purchase and download Unclutter Your Life in One Week to your computer and then save it to your favorite listening device. Happy uncluttering and organizing in the new year!

Note: If you purchase the audio version directly from our site you will receive a ZIP archive with the audio files and the free worksheets. The vast majority of smartphones and tablets cannot open these archives on their own. You will first need to download the file to a desktop or laptop computer, unzip it, and then sync the audio files with your preferred listening device (using iTunes for iPad, iPod, etc.). Buying the files from iTunes, Amazon, or Audible will allow you to play the files directly, but they will cost more.

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