2013 Holiday Gift Giving Guide: Our ultimate pick for an extravagant organized gift

Since 2007, we have been recommending an extravagant organized gift as part of our annual Holiday Gift Giving Guide. The first year, our ultimate pick was the Fujitsu ScanSnap. In 2008, we recommended the Kindle. The following year, we suggested my book, Unclutter Your Life in One Week. In 2010, it was the Fellowes Intellishred Shredder (now called the Powershred). For 2011, our ultimate generosity idea was for hiring a professional organizer. Then, in 2012, it was a closet makeover with Rubbermaid’s Configurations system.

All of these suggestions continue to make terrific gift ideas. In fact, we heavily debated if we should have the Fujitsu ScanSnap be our selection again for 2013. However, we decided we should pick something we hadn’t done before.

For 2013, we have selected a subscription to Unclutterer’s Quarterly shipments as our ultimate extravagance.

It is difficult to put into words the excitement that we feel each time we put together one of these mailings. We know that with each package we are having fun and helping people to be more organized in their homes.

Quarterly is a subscription service that sends out curated packages four times a year, as its name implies. The Unclutterer staff selects the items that go into all of the Unclutterer mailings. We include straightforward directions on how to use/install/manipulate the items. Our assumption is that for every item we send, you will actually be able to subtract one or more things from your homes and offices. Or, the items will help you discover a significantly improved level of organization in your life.

Our previous mailings, which you can now give as gifts after the fact, contained solutions for organizing a mess of cables and getting your filing cabinet in order.

What we love about these shipments are that if you already have the specific area of your home organized, the items make great gifts to give others to help them on their organizing journey. And, the items we pick for our Quarterly mailings are very positively reviewed, tested, and tried and true solutions to disorganization problems.

Want more gift-giving ideas? Explore Unclutterer’s full 2013 Holiday Gift Giving Guide.

4 Comments for “2013 Holiday Gift Giving Guide: Our ultimate pick for an extravagant organized gift”

  1. posted by Allison on

    This seems like exactly the backwards idea to the goal of simplifying and organizing your life … ie. it’s letting stuff into your home that you haven’t specifically chosen as useful/beautiful for you. So many of us have bought “organizational” products with the idea that they’ll make us more organized and they just end up as more STUFF in our homes, so this seems a very counter-intuitive (or perhaps just self-promotional) suggestion.

    My suggestion for an extravagant, unclutterer gift? Buy an experience rather than a thing: a trip, a meal at a fancy restaurant, a hot air balloon ride, whatever.

  2. posted by Danielle on

    Agreeing with Allison. I’m disappointed very much by this “suggestion.” Worst idea ever for those looking to simplify, buy less, produce less and have less unchosen junk stream into their homes.

  3. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Allison and Danielle — First off, if this isn’t for you, don’t buy it. It’s that simple. The same way you might choose not to purchase a watermelon when you’re at the grocery store shopping for a tomato, just don’t get it if it’s not for you. We know this is not for everyone. Second, our goal with every mailing is to help people reduce the overall amount of stuff in their homes and/or to be more organized. We aren’t mailing junk. Items like the FreedomFiler filing system have helped hundreds of our subscribers get their filing cabinets in order and help them to know what papers to keep and what to purge. The items may not, however, be helpful to you — and that is okay. But, just because you don’t want them doesn’t make them junk for someone else who is struggling with disorder. (And, if you already have the specific item in the mailing, they make great gifts.) Finally, the gifts don’t have to be a surprise. As mentioned in the article, you can order previous mailings and have those sent as gifts, knowing exactly what is contained inside.

  4. posted by raupe on

    Giving past Quarterly mailings as gifts – that is a good idea.
    But the subscription? Possibly saddling the recipient with finding a suitable home for the contents of the mailings if they do not suit the recipient’s organizational needs?
    That seems risky.

    Not saying that the products contained are not good products – they are certainly very useful for someone who has that particular organizational need – but I suspect that everyone subscribing can be virtually sure that not every mailing will suit his/her needs.

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