Kindle MatchBook lets you upgrade your print-edition book purchases to ebooks

We’re very excited. Today Amazon launched Kindle MatchBook, which lets you upgrade your previous print-edition book purchases for select titles to the corresponding ebook versions. The upgrade pricing varies. Some titles have free upgrades, while others are priced as high as $2.99.

Kindle MatchBook

This is a great way to reduce the physical space required for storing books you currently own. Having your books in an ebook format also allows you to reference them while on-the-go.

A relatively small number of titles are currently available for upgrade, but more are sure to be released in the coming months.

If you don’t already own an ebook reader, our current pick is the new Kindle Paperwhite. The new next-gen backlight is very easy on the eyes.

8 Comments for “Kindle MatchBook lets you upgrade your print-edition book purchases to ebooks”

  1. posted by Crystal on

    Thanks for letting us know about this! This is a great service.

  2. posted by eccoyle on

    Yay! I’ve wondered for so long why there is version bundling with movies and music but not books. Hopefully this sort of thing will catch on. There are some books that I would love to have in both hard and soft copies.

  3. posted by Leslie R. on

    Sound like an interesting service – I’ll have to check it out. And I second your recommendation for the Kindle Paperwhite. I’ve had mine only about 6 months, but it’s great!

  4. posted by henave on

    I have been buying books from Amazon for 15+ years and a grand total of 1 book qualified in this program. It’s a great idea, but (in my case) not very useful. Has anyone else had better results?

  5. posted by Sandi on

    henave – I had about the same results as you. I’ve bought a million books from Amazon over the years and I had 4 listed, each for $2.99.
    I also recommend the Paperwhite. Mine isn’t the brand new one that is just coming out…I’ve had it since Christmas. I absolutely love it, after swearing up and down that I was strictly a “real” book person.

  6. posted by shebolt on

    I have mixed feelings so far. I was really hoping to get cheap kindle versions of books from one of my favorite authors, mostly because I lent out one trilogy and never saw it again, and I need to re-read another set of books so I can start on book 4, which was recently released. They aren’t available. Boo.

    However, my favorite book of all times is my one and only match.

    I certainly hope they add more titles, and soon!

  7. posted by Shelley on

    I have also been buying from Amazon for years (and love my Paperwhite). I have 80+ books show up when I checked. Right now it seems to be mainly fiction but I am sure they will add more.

  8. posted by Jeannette on

    Great idea. In theory. But having purchased several hundred books in last five years (more if I go back further), only three books are available–and they’re all pretty dated.

    I think Amazon was premature in launching with so little inventory. And it hasn’t said how frequently and what types of books will be added.

    It’s a start though.

    It makes me wonder if they will also try to sell combos: Print + Kindle books at combined, and reduced price.

    To me, that’s something they should have done from day one. Granted, some folks don’t even want print copies but at least have the option of buying both at a reduced price. E books are so overpriced in most cases.

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