Small living design inspiration from actor Vincent Kartheiser

We wrote about actor Vincent Kartheiser and his obsession with minimalism in our 2010 article “Celebrity minimalist: Vincent Kartheiser.” Back then, he was just beginning construction on his new home and admitted to using his neighbor’s bathroom because he threw out his toilet.

Three years later, construction on Kartheiser’s space is complete and the beautiful renovations are featured in the article “The Tiny Hollywood Home of Mad Men’s Vincent Kartheiser” in Dwell magazine’s November 2013 issue.

In the article’s accompanying slideshow, it is this picture of Kartheiser pulling his bed down from the ceiling that took my breath away:

Image credit: Dwell’s Joe Pugliese

The bed on pulleys with 300 pound counterweights is sheer genius, and the headboard (a large piece of redwood) is on a lever so it can fold down during the day to serve as a desk or sideboard. Another small-space idea that caught my attention in the article is his outdoor coffee table that is also a fire pit. The sliding closet doors that become a privacy wall for the bathroom is a nice touch, too.

Technically a one-room cabin at just 500 sq feet, Kartheiser remade the home and outdoor courtyard with builder Funn Roberts. It doesn’t say it directly, but the article seems to imply Kartheiser even shares this tiny space with his fiancée, actress Alexis Bledel.

5 Comments for “Small living design inspiration from actor Vincent Kartheiser”

  1. posted by Andris Lagsdin on

    This is fascinating. Beautiful space and totally lean. Amazing, thanks for sharing…

  2. posted by Laurie Buchanan on

    As a minimalist, this space resonates to my very core!

  3. posted by John Vespasian on

    To the arguments presented in the article, I would like to add that minimalism requires a rational cost calculation. The cost structure is varies widely in different areas of the world. While it might make sense to save space in your apartment if you live in New York, it would be a waste of time if you live in the countryside where land and houses are inexpensive.

  4. posted by Ros on

    Don’t think you can describe this space as minimalist. He has two baths and a sauna! It may be small but it’s really extravagant.

  5. posted by D on

    There are many cities in the world where a 580 square foot (54 square meter) apartment is would not be considered small.

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