Unitasker Wednesday: The Double Barrel Sauce Squirt Gun and Captain Catchup

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy!

Way back in 2008, we featured the dangerous Condiment Gun in our unitasker column. Little did we know at the time, but the threat of ketchup being shot at your food from a .45 revolver was only the beginning of the menace.

Since then, a new unitasker villain has come onto the scene: The Double Barrel Sauce Squirt Gun:

This bad boy holds both ketchup and mustard. Now you can shoot up your hamburger or hotdog with not just one, but TWO condiments. (This is one of those elusive multi-tasking unitaskers.)

But wait! Are you more into science fiction than contemporary condiment weapons? If so, you might want to consider the futuristic Captain Catchup. Though, admittedly, it is only single barrel, so prepare to be sorely disappointed:

And, obviously, you’ll also want to order the shotgun shell salt and pepper shakers and the Gun Egg Fryer to complete your violent meal package!

6 Comments for “Unitasker Wednesday: The Double Barrel Sauce Squirt Gun and Captain Catchup”

  1. posted by BrianW on

    Oh my..these are really fun! I suppose they would be perfect for keeping the children’s attention to the meal. Or the attention of anyone young at heart.

  2. posted by Anna on


  3. posted by Georgina on

    Can be quite a weapon! Imagine someone squirted in the eyes with it: very acidic. In our country a pepper spray is illegal. Wonder about this one?
    Great posts . I am a regular reader

  4. posted by andrea on

    i can’t lie, i kind of want Captain Catchup. (i won’t get it, but i do like it.)

  5. posted by Liz on

    Captain Catchup isn’t a unitasker (though it is ridiculous), it looks to be exactly the right colour and general shape to have quite a startling effect on unsuspecting maiden aunts when held before the groin.

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