Unitasker Wednesday: Guacamole bowl

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy!

For many years, I’ve wanted to eat guacamole at home, but I’ve been unable to do so. Yes, I can buy avocados at the store. Yes, I own a fork and can mush up the avocado. Yes, I can either make or buy salsa to mix with the avocado. Yes, I have spices like cumin and crushed chili and even some lime juice to make the guacamole nearly perfect. But — and this is the but where everything falls apart — I do not own an extremely specialized serving device to put it in before eating it, like the Guacamole Bowl. Drats!

Without the Guacamole Bowl at home, I shall never know the delightful taste of the guacamole served from this ceramic avocado that holds a mere 1-1/2 cups of dip. Woe is me.

Thanks to reader Erin for sharing this unitasker with us.

P.S. Speaking of people named Erin … just wanted to let everyone know that last week editor-in-chief Erin Doland, her husband, and her son welcomed a beautiful baby girl into their family. The four are now at home, discovering their new routine, and feeling incredibly blessed.

13 Comments for “Unitasker Wednesday: Guacamole bowl”

  1. posted by Jeri Dansky on

    Such wonderful news, Erin – congratulations on the new addition to your family!

  2. posted by Joy on

    Congratulations on the new baby!

  3. posted by Suzy on

    Congrats on the new addition to the family to Erin & PJ!!

  4. posted by J on

    New Baby~!! Congrats~!!

  5. posted by Laura on

    Wonderful news about your new baby daughter!

    Na Sa Zisi … “Long Life!” in Greek.

  6. posted by Cherilyn on

    I’m sending you a guacamole bowl in celebration.

  7. posted by Carla on

    Congrats to Erin and family on their baby girl!

    Cherilyn, if you have the guacamole bowl covered, perhaps I will send a silver baby cup.


  8. posted by Christy King on

    Congratulations on the new baby!

    As for the guac bowl…after decluttering, my kitchen is pretty full even though we’re down to only items we use use regularly, most of which are multitaskers.

    Admittedly we cook and bake a lot, and our kitchen isn’t huge – but where do people PUT all of this stuff?!

  9. posted by Another Deb on

    What wonderful news! Congratulations, Erin and family!

  10. posted by Anna on

    The guacamole bowl would make a cute holder for diaper pins.

  11. posted by Celeste on

    Congratulations on the new baby girl!!!!

    Green Goddess dressing is made with avocado, so this would be a clever way to serve it. But I agree with Christy, where do people put all this stuff?

  12. posted by priest's wife (@byzcathwife) on

    many years of happiness to baby Doland!

    and how does a big family stay uncluttered??? (yes- 2 kids is big if you live in a city….I have 4….)

  13. posted by Lounger on

    Congratulations to Erin and family.

    A little confession: I have two sets of six avacodo-shaped dishes, but I love them and use them regularly. One set is glass, and in its original packaging. The other is ceramic and from the 1950s. Neither set has lids or a little spoon.

    Unclutterer and its community has helped me de-Clutter to such an extent that I can use and and appreciate things that I like. And I use my lovely avacodos for much more than serving quacamole!

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