Suggestions for organizing jewelry

If you’ve got more than a few pieces of jewelry, you may be facing challenges on how to store all of it. As with many organizing challenges, there are many possible answers. To help determine what is right for you, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • What kinds of jewelry do I have — rings, earrings, necklaces, cuff links, etc.?
  • How many pieces do I have of each type? Are they all pieces I want to keep?
  • Do I want to store frequently-worn pieces differently than special-occasion items?
  • Is there another way I’d like to categorize my jewelry items as I go to store them? (By set? By when I wear them?)
  • Am I a visual person who wants my jewelry out in clear sight?
  • Alternatively, do I want my jewelry put away where it doesn’t accumulate any dust?
  • Do I want my jewelry hidden to prevent theft?
  • Do I need to protect any of my jewelry from children’s hands or from pets?
  • What kind of space do I have available for storing my jewelry?
  • Do I have the interest, time, and skills to pursue a do-it-yourself option?

Once you’ve pondered these questions and come up with your answers, you can look at the many types of storage available for your jewelry. The following are just some of the many options:

Jewelry boxes, valets and armoires

The selection here is huge; there’s something for every taste and every budget. You can even find specialized boxes for cuff links or watches. And if you don’t like any of the conventional jewelry boxes, you could turn a toolbox into a jewelry box, like Dhiraj D’Souza and Erin have done.

Jewelry trays, for a dresser drawer

You could use everyday products such as ice cube trays or egg cartons as jewelry trays. Or you could get trays intended for jewelry, such as the ones from Axis.

Wall-mounted storage

This can be as simple as nails in the wall that are used to hang necklaces or decorative hooks or a wall-mounted coat rack. Or, you could get one of the many specialty products available, including wall-mounted earring holders. You could go the do-it-yourself route, too, and create your own earring holders (or other jewelry storage pieces), like this, this or this.

Over-the-door storage

Longstem makes an over-the-door jewelry organizer designed to hold earrings, bracelets, watches, rings, pins, and necklaces. You can also find over-the-door jewelry armoires.

Hanging storage for the closet

There’s a wide range of multi-pocket jewelry organizers that hang from a rod in your closet. There are other hanging solutions, too, such as the WOW hanger.

Dresser-top storage

Again, the options here are extensive. For example, you could use a jewelry mannequin, a ring holder, an earring stand, or a bangle display rack. You could use a multi-tier cake stand.

Hidden storage

Having had jewelry stolen from my home years ago, I empathize with the desire to keep your jewelry — or at least some selected pieces — safe from intruders. I have a few pieces squirreled away in hiding places, myself; but if you do this, be sure you’ll be able to remember where you hid it!

The other alternative is to use a product designed to hide your jewelry; there are a number of options, with differing degrees of security. You could use a locking jewelry cabinet hidden behind a mirror — either wall-mounted or free-standing. You could use a jewelry safe. You could create your own hidden jewelry box behind a painting. And if you’re installing a closet system, you may be able to get a hidden toe-kick jewelry drawer.

So understand your style and your needs and then think creatively about what storage would work best for your particular situation.

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  1. posted by Carol on

    Thank you for this!!!

    Years ago I wanted a jewelry armoire thinking “bigger is better”. My ex bought me an armoire that had lots of useless (to me) huge drawers but not enough small compartments and hooks for all my earrings and necklaces. I really hate that I have this sizable piece of furniture that doesn’t really work for me.

    To add to my storage dilemma, my neighborhood has had a lot of break-ins. One friend had her entire jewelry armoire stolen. The police made a comment to her about how easy it is to steal jewelry because most women keep all their jewelry together in one place.

    Lately I’ve been thinking about ways to break up my jewelry collection into smaller storage options that can be hidden but still be easily accessible. I love the idea of hanging organizers in closets. Your post has given me some really great ideas.

  2. posted by senorahb on

    I have finally settled on a jewelry storage system that seems to work well for me. I have a large amount of silver jewelry from years of travel in the Southwest, Latin America, and Europe. I got tired of keeping up with silver polish and decided to just keep things air tight.

    I bought a couple of small divided plastic boxes (usually used for jewelry-making storage) and lots of little plastic jewelry bags. I actually drew inspiration from repurposing the little bags that extra buttons for clothing come in, but I needed more to make things consistent. I also purchased a necklace tree (for lack of a better description) and an open container for large pieces. Nearly all of my earrings, rings, plain chains, pendants, and brooches are individually bagged and stored in the divided sections of the plastic boxes. I hung larger, beaded necklaces on the tree and put bangles in the open container. A few of my bangles are silver and are in sandwich bags or cloth bags.

    I’m not great at putting my jewelry away every night, but everything gets bagged up every few days and I haven’t had to polish anything in months. It really is about finding what works best for you! I would never have imagined that so many small pieces would make up the system that works well, but I really really hate polishing silver!

  3. posted by Leslie on

    I had a jewelry box years ago that was a giant open box. I loved it. My ex bought me a box with more organization, but it simply didn’t work for me. I went with hanging organizers that I could keep in the closet and I LOVE THEM. I keep them hidden away among my clothes (they hang on the rod)and it’s easy to take them wherever I need when I’m getting ready. Since buying them, I don’t leave my jewelry out and it’s easy to see what I have when I’m deciding what to pair with my outfit. The only problem I do have with my hanging organizers is that there aren’t pockets big enough for a couple of my bracelets. While they do fit, I’m unable to zip the pouch.

  4. posted by Hoosierdad on

    I just wanted to say thanks for spelling “jewelry” correctly, instead of the oft-maligned spelling and pronunciation of “jew-le-ry”.

  5. posted by Macnross on

    Thank You for this..

    I’m not great at putting my jewelry away every night, but everything gets bagged up every few days and I haven’t had to polish anything in months.

  6. posted by LeeAmme on

    Great post, Jeri! I have an Izzy Jewel Box that I just love and would recommend to anyone. It’s well-crafted, is wall-mounted, and has a framed-glass door. With my jewelry in there, it doubles as a piece of art!

  7. posted by Elizabeth on

    I use an office organizer (wooden, with three horizontal drawers) intended to hold papers. Inside each drawer, I placed a cut-to-size sheet of felt, which keeps things from sliding around when I open and close the drawers. One drawer is for earrings, one for necklaces, one for bracelets and my two watches. For sterling items I rarely wear, I put them in baggies in my sock drawer — works perfectly to prevent tarnish.

  8. posted by Heather on

    After moving about once a year for several years, I decided that I needed a well-organized but highly portable solution. I had seen nice big jewelry boxes that I wouldn’t be able to bring along in a move, and I had seen travel jewelry organizers that fit just a few pices, but nothing that fit my needs.

    I found a craft supply organizer from Michael’s, which is essentially a soft-sided binder. It looks like a flat handbag when it’s zipped up, but when it’s folded open, it has multiple transparent zippered pouches inside. For earrings, I cut out a piece of plastic cross-stitch mesh to fit inside one of the pouches and poked all my earrings through the mesh. In the other pouches, my necklaces and bracelets are wrapped in semi-transparent glassine envelopes to keep them from getting tangled or scratching each other. The whole thing is the size of a 3-ring binder when closed, so I can store it on a bookshelf or tuck it in with the clean towels in the bathroom, and still have quick access.

    When I live somewhere a little more permanent someday, I may get a proper jewelry box and/or wall organizer, but this works well for me for now. It should work for college students or anybody who has to move frequently for work.

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