Knife block with integrated stand for iPad (or any other tablet)

As someone who frequently uses an iPad in the kitchen to manage recipes, this knife block from Victorinox seems like a great solution to the problem of where to safely rest a tablet while cooking:

Knife block with iPad stand

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  1. posted by infmom on

    …because using a very expensive, delicate piece of electronic equipment in a room where all kinds of stuff can get spilled on it is a good idea?

    Must be nice to be rich enough to have a disposable tablet!

  2. posted by Anne on

    So you pull the knives out “backwards”? How do you pick the smaller knives hiding in the lower slots? (they seem obscured from view) How easy is it to put them back in? Seems like something that would stick out too far on the countertop as a result.

  3. posted by Sheila on

    I use my iPad in the kitchen and like this idea of keeping it up off the counter. I figured it would be great with a little lazy-susan bearing on the bottom and after checking it out on Amazon, it seems that’s exactly how it’s set up. Nice!

  4. posted by Gillian on

    And hey–this is the perfect reason to buy this wooden spoon that’s also a stylus:

    My mom found this so entertaining that she sent me a magazine clipping of it in the mail 😛

  5. posted by Rae on

    I think it’d be easy to use a little bit of 1″X1″ moulding to turn any knife block into a stand like this.

    I bought a case for my iPad that doubles as a stand. I set it up on a corner of the counter away from whatever I’m using and access my recipes through it. I wear an apron and make sure I wipe my hands before I touch the iPad screen.

    My iPad is at more risk in the office than it is in the kitchen. I’ve got to keep the coffee cup away from it!

  6. posted by Rhea on

    I use my iPad almost every day in the kitchen (you’d be surprised how robust those things are) usually for a recipe, but sometimes to watch an episode of MasterChef while I wait for the water to boil. Nothing has ever gone wrong for my iPad in the kitchen. It was at work when I had my students in the science lab that the dang thing fell off a table straight to the floor. It just has a bit of a wonky corner now– robust, I tell ya!

    In any case, this product looks useful and I would probably use such a thing (if I had room for a knife block on my counter– we use a magnetic board for the knives in our small kitchen)

  7. posted by andrea on

    I use my ipad in the kitchen all the time. If you use a knife block anyway, it’s a great idea because you don’t need *another* item for just the ipad. and it’s not like you put knives in and out so constantly. grab your knife, turn it, use the stand.

    i like it.

  8. posted by Michael on

    Hi, This is genius, one of those really cool inventions that when you see it you think to yourself “Now why did I not think of that.” Yip stick a lazy susan underneath and you have access to your knives and tablet. – Brilliant!!

  9. posted by Elizabeth on

    This is very cool! It takes up no extra space at all. I also love the idea of the “iSpoon” Gillian mentioned. Two-in-ones are great!

  10. posted by Pat on

    You could also use this for-

    your phone
    a recipe card
    a recipe binder
    a book or magazine

    it’s a simple thing that could perform many tasks. Thanks for sharing!

  11. posted by Becki Robins on

    Eh infmom? 90% of what I use my iPad for is collecting recipes or cooking from them. That’s why it has a waterproof, drop-proof cover on it.

    Love the iPad-knife block idea as my main gripe is not being about to get my iPad to stand up properly while I’m cooking.

  12. posted by WilliamB on

    This wouldn’t work for me.
    1) I do pull my knives in and out of their block frequently.

    2) The block takes up more space on the lazy susan than it does just as a block, because it needs room to rotate.

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