Unitasker Wednesday: Space-Saver Shoe Storage Stands

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy!

At first glance, this week’s unitasker selection seems like it could be helpful. It’s a device to organize shoes, which doesn’t seem like such a bad thing … until you realize a few things about the product that actually make it unhelpful. Let’s take a look at the Space-Saver Shoe Storage Stands:

First, it prices at around $10 a pair of shoes. This isn’t very expensive if you own two pair of shoes. However, I know many people who own 20 or more pair of shoes. So, this shoe storing solution would be at least $200 for them, if not more. Most effective shoe storage solutions are significantly less expensive.

Second, when working with clients, I always recommend they choose a shoe storage solution that they will use every day and that will protect their shoes from pets and pests. One problem with these shoe stands is that they aren’t easy to use — you have to manipulate your shoes and the stands to access the shoes and to put them away. A person who already has a disorganized closet isn’t going to start magically using a complex organizing product. Also, the stands don’t keep dogs from getting into the shoes or cat fur off them the way shoe storage solutions that don’t sit on the floor do.

Third, and this is my biggest hangup with them, the stands aren’t connected or anchored in any way. If one stand falls over (a totally normal expectation), they can all tip over, and then you have a shoe mess on your closet floor. They will keep your shoes paired, but not in any organized fashion, completely negating their purpose.

When organizing your shoes, it’s best to find a solution that actually solves your problem, not creates more problems. If you’re super organized and can come up with a way to anchor these to a shelf out of the reach of pets … maybe these devices can work for you … if you also have a couple hundred or more to spend! Thanks to reader LR for introducing us to this almost-practical unitasker. So close!

If you have a few spare moments and are looking for a hearty laugh, you will likely enjoy Amazon’s recent article “Funniest Reviews.” It features many of the unitaskers we’ve posted over the years along with the ridiculous comments that accompany the products.

4 Comments for “Unitasker Wednesday: Space-Saver Shoe Storage Stands”

  1. posted by Elizabeth on

    Since you mentioned working with clients on shoe storage, could you share some of your ideas? This is my biggest challenge. I have a tiny closet and right now, my 5 pair x 5 pair shoe storage cube is a not-very-attractive “piece of furniture” sitting out in my bedroom (although it does provide yet another surface on which to pile clothes, LOL)!

  2. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Elizabeth — It depends on your space and your needs. I currently store all of my shoes in clear plastic shoe boxes at the bottom of my bathroom’s linen closet. I’m pretty good with handling my things and putting them away, so a more cumbersome solution works for me. Most of my clients end up choosing easier solutions — over-the-door shoe racks, closet rod hanging shoe cubbies, elevated shoe shelves in their closets, a milk crate for tennis shoes and flip flops and then shoe cubbies on closet shelves. One client uses a drawer in her dresser — she doesn’t have anywhere else to put them in her rented apartment. I’ve been longing to use a solution like this shoe tree, but so far none of my clients have been interested in it — I think it’s awesome: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obi.....tterer-20/

  3. posted by Vol-E on

    It occurs to me that a subset of Unitaskers on this blog might be something called “Back to the Drawing Board,” where items like this shoe-stand just might need a bit more thought, or tweaking, or a second opinion to make it really work.

    I have often thought that way about the WonderFile, advertised on TV everywhere a few years ago. I bought one and really like it … except that it just isn’t quite as handy as its inventor would like you to think, once you actually start using it. I rarely take it anywhere anymore because it expands to four times its compact size any time you need to open it up — which is the ONLY way you can use it. Instead, I keep it in my home office, completely out of the way, for those items that I use infrequently but often enough that if I lose track of them, life will become inconvenient. Passport, for instance, or templates for my neighborhood association. It would be nice if it were handier for travel.

  4. posted by Elizabeth on

    Thanks for your reply to my question about shoe storage! I did see your earlier post, also, about using plastic shoe boxes and I’m considering it. In fact, I have a giant space at the TOP of my linen closet that might be perfect for off-season shoe storage. One of my challenges is that my feet are huge — shoe storage such as over-the-rod shoe hanging cubbies are too small for my giant shoes, esp clogs, unless I put only one shoe in each opening (instead of a pair). This requires twice as much storage. I wish there was a men’s option for shoe storage, i.e., larger cubbies for larger shoes. Maybe only women think about this. LOL!

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