Unitasker Wednesday: Treat Launcher

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy!

You know what is super hard? Giving your pet treats. I mean it. You have to drop them on the ground and … WOW, I am worn out just thinking about it. EXHAUSTING! Thankfully, there is a new product to help with this unbelievably difficult task of dropping treats on the ground, the Unique Petz Treat Launcher:

Now, you can shoot treats at your pet. Loading the treats into the gun and pulling the trigger is so much easier than the agonizing work of dropping treats onto the ground. Thank YOU, Unique Petz, for doing the tiring work for us. Phew!

And thanks to reader Alex for sharing this awesome unitasker with us.

9 Comments for “Unitasker Wednesday: Treat Launcher”

  1. posted by Jeannette on

    If this thing works, I can maybe see its use in some phases of dog training, where you want to reward behavior at some distance from you, and don’t want to have the dog return to you to get the treat.
    On the other hand, it only shoots the treats 10 feet, which is not all that far — most people can toss a treat 10 feet with reasonable accuracy.
    And there’s no guarantee that it will work at all, and it may well not work with super-duper yummy treats, which often are a bit sticky (little pieces of cheese, for example).

  2. posted by Pat on

    For working at a distance, a clicker tells the dog immediately that it did something good, which is much more effective for training. For close-up, I want my dog to be gentle around hands, so she has to sit for a treat and take it gently. This doesn’t accomplish any of these goals.

  3. posted by Jeannette on

    Pat, you are absolutely right.
    I think that the time I was tossing treats was when I was trying to teach my dog to move out and away from me, a very difficult task when so much of the previous work had been to have her focus on me, and staying close to me.

  4. posted by Anna on

    Why limit its use to pets? I can see this used to bring an entire room of rowdy youngsters to complete attention, standing quietly with open mouths.

  5. posted by Mera on

    ::snort:: This was made by a man for other men.

  6. posted by CanadianKate on

    Anna: Excellent use! But if we accept that, then the item is no longer a unitasker and we can’t mock it!

    My thought is that it would be useful for burglars. By tossing the treat off to a distance, the dog will be distracted and out of biting range. Very useful for those in that line of work.

  7. posted by Alice F. on

    Loving the comments!!! Anna, Mera, CanadianKate — thanks for the giggles. 😀

  8. posted by Melissa on

    I see the silliness in this, but my boys would love to launch treats to the dog. Definitely a guy thing, I agree.

  9. posted by Pursuit on

    I don’t know…It’s all good fun til someone loses an eye!

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