Unitasker Wednesday: Morninghead

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy!

However you think this product might work, you’re wrong. And, based on its name, whatever you think the product might do, it isn’t that, either. Seriously, it is NOT that.

Upon reviewing its picture, this steering wheel cover looking device might at first make you think it’s something you sleep with over your hair to keep your hair from being disrupted, like a silk nightcap. But, that is not what the Morninghead is:

In short, the Morninghead is a microfiber towel inside a shower cap that you wet and then dump and rub on your head to get your hair wet. Yes, you can use a spray bottle with water to wet your hair. Yes, you can stick your head under the faucet to wet your hair. Yes, you can wet a towel and rub it on your head to wet your hair. Yes, you can take a shower or wet a comb or a million other things to get your hair wet without this device.

Would Morninghead even work on someone with long hair or thick hair? I have my doubts. All the people in the infomercial (Warning: there is innuendo in the video so don’t play it on speakers if you are at work) are males with fine, short hair. At least the guy who cries because he can’t wet his hair in the sink is a classic infomercial fool, so that is entertaining. Still, not enough reason to get me to buy one.

As far as unitaskers go, this one is small and doesn’t cost much, so it’s not the worst offender we’ve featured. It is just highly redundant compared to multi-tasking alternatives. It also is so poorly named. Oh my. Thank you, BC, for sharing this peculiar little unitasker with us.

5 Comments for “Unitasker Wednesday: Morninghead”

  1. posted by Liz on

    we got a bunch of these (different brand, but definitely same idea) from the hospital after my husband’s surgery. They were great while he recovered enough to shower. Sure, there were other options, but this was definitely the easiest and least messy (no drips!)

    (The hospital also gave us 8-packs of disposable washcloths to use as a sponge-bath kind of thing. Those were great too)

  2. posted by Christine in Australia on

    OK, after Liz’ comment I can see there actually is a use for this one. But that product description – really! Who on earth can’t wet their head properly in the shower?! Seeing as most people shower in the mornings, this is not a time saver, it’s a time waster.

  3. posted by momof3 on

    I too have been the recipient of two in the hospital shampoos in a shower cap.
    Was wonderful considering my condition post major surgery!

    BUT—this…thing….just to get a head wet??

    A fool and it’s money are soon parted.

    and thanks, I needed a good laugh today!!

  4. posted by Anna on

    I already have a morninghead (not like this one, though; mine is made of real hair). I was born with it and still have it. And it was free!

  5. posted by lmg on

    absorbs 6 times its weight in water?

    That’s either a diaper or a maxipad!

    Think how long it would take to dry out, then how fast it would mold! YUCK!

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