What was in Unclutterer’s first Quarterly mailing?

All over the world, subscribers to the Unclutterer shipment from Quarterly have received their first mailing from us. If you didn’t subscribe to the first mailing, but were curious as to what we sent, this was our mailing:

Each box is sent with a letter from our team, and I (Erin) penned the first one. I discussed the theme of the mailing — cable control — and how to use the items contained in the box. What was in the box?

  • A large BlueLounge Cable Box for holding a power strip and unsightly cables (which you can’t see so well in the above photo, but you can see much better on BlueLounge’s website)
  • BlueLounge CableDrop adhesive cable holders
  • Beclau Cable IDs for finding the plug you want inside your Cable Box
  • Hyperline Velcro Cable Ties that attach to the cable and hold the slack in your cables
  • And, as previously mentioned, the letter explaining how to use the products

People have started to post before and after pictures to Twitter to show how they’re using the items to control their nest of cables and cords. You can see these images, too, by following the #UCL01 hashtag on Twitter.

If you’re interested, we have a second mailing coming out in the next quarter (and then a third and a fourth …). We’re really excited about the next mailing and how it can help people wanting to organize their lives. Sign up if you want to subscribe to the organizing shipments. If not, we’re totally cool with that, too.

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