Unitasker Wednesday: AutoMee

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy!

Um, um, um. I, uh. Well, um. I’m a little dumbfounded with this one. Um. Here, I’ll just show you the AutoMee because, well, uh, see for yourself:

As best as I can describe it, the AutoMee is a Roomba for automatically cleaning your smart phone screen. It’s multifunctional in the sense that you could probably use it on your iPad, Kindle, or your computer monitor if you could lay the monitor safely on its back. But, I’m not sure why you need an electronic device to do what a screen cleaning cloth does without batteries, robotic parts, and without taking up so much storage space.

Is it possible something is lost in translation and this is a joke? If so, why does it have a serious review on Amazon? The reviewer says he/she can’t live without the AutoMee. Maybe that person doesn’t know what the phrase “can’t live without” actually means? Now, if the AutoMee responded to voicemails and emails THEN I could understand not being able to live without it. In that case, the AutoMee would be my best friend. Since that is not the case, I believe the word I would choose to describe the device is “overkill.”

Thanks to reader Adrianne for finding this unitasker and sharing it with us.

10 Comments for “Unitasker Wednesday: AutoMee”

  1. posted by jazz2600 on

    It’s a toy, from Japan. That is why it exists.

  2. posted by Erin Doland on

    I’ve read four articles about it (granted, they were English language articles), but I don’t think the inventors intended it to be a toy. The same way I don’t think Tommy Wiseau intended “The Room” to be a comedy … oh, but it is 🙂

  3. posted by ME on

    The “serious” review sounds like a foriegn language using google translate. My feeling: Someone in the company or a friend posted the 5 star rating.

  4. posted by Kithkin on

    The review for the white version is far better:

    “Why spend 10 seconds of your precious time if someone (or something) else can do the work for you?
    I enjoy watching this tiny gizmo toil for me, stubborn and confident about his job.
    I love it.”

  5. posted by Julia on

    For serious Cheetos lovers only.

  6. posted by Christy King on

    I love your Unitasker days. I’ve been reading them for awhile and wasted a ridiculous amount of time the other day looking through the archives. Who buys this stuff?!

  7. posted by Robyn on

    You don’t even need a screen cleaning cloth, either! I just wipe my iPhone on my pant leg, lol.

  8. posted by Anna on

    Will it scrub the sink too?

  9. posted by Marie A on

    But it comes in 4 colors! And you can buy 2 for only $59.34!

    Pretty sure buying this device (let alone 2) could be offered as evidence in a competency hearing.

  10. posted by WiLee on

    Some “clever” guy copied the things you mentioned in your article and wrote another review. I guess he / she (”
    Jacquie Tinch”) did not use the product so it is pretty unfair.

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