Unitasker Wednesday: Unplastic Tray

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy!

You are not going to believe this. So, get this. Get this! It’s a tray. For cookies. And it looks like it’s plastic. But, seriously, it’s NOT! Right? It looks like it’s cheap, but it’s expensive! Hahahaha! The joke is on whoever is eating the cookies out of what they think is a plastic tray. It’s an Unplastic Tray!

“Features” of the Unplastic Tray:

  1. It’s made of hand-blown glass and is super delicate because it’s thin, like plastic
  2. It has to be hand washed
  3. You have to remove store-bought cookies from a plastic container and then put them in the glass container
  4. No one looking at your table assumes you did anything other than set the plastic tray the store-bought cookies came in onto the table because it looks just like a plastic tray
  5. If you make homemade cookies to put into it, people then think you didn’t make them and instead bought cookies or they wonder why you put homemade cookies into a recycled store-bought cookie tray
  6. Rarely do people touch the tray when grabbing cookies, so hardly anyone will even realize you have a fancy Unplastic Tray

Oh, and if you want to be confused even more, read the comments on the product’s Amazon page. Half of them have nothing to do with the tray at all. Even the reviews are clutter!

11 Comments for “Unitasker Wednesday: Unplastic Tray”

  1. posted by Alice F. on

    OK, Erin, I think this one is a contender for Weirdest Unitasker Ever! Why in the heck would anyone want this??? And yes, the comments are truly bizarre. Thanks for the entertainment. 🙂

  2. posted by Jen on

    Actually it’s a cool looking tray but.. I think I’d rather save the money and set out the plastic tray 😉

  3. posted by Mike on

    It’s likely the product is using the same product id or something for an old Amazon product and the old reviews for the other product didn’t get cleared off. Looks like they were for some kind of hard drive apparently.

  4. posted by Nana on

    Many years ago, someone sold porcelain boxes that looked just like white Chinese-food take-out boxes. They were cute and clever…when serving yourself and passing them around, everyone realized what they were, and most were amused.
    This…delicate and non-dishwasher safe…feh

  5. posted by Laetitia in Australia on

    And yet, there are only 7 left.

  6. posted by WilliamB on

    Maybe there are only 7 left because the rest broke in shipping.

  7. posted by Shanna Swendson on

    This is a clear case of Doing It Wrong. Everyone knows that if you’re serving store-bought cookies, you put them on one of your own plates or platters (multi-purpose!) and pretend you made them yourself. If you’re serving home-made cookies, you put them on your own plate or platter so it will be clear you made them yourself. Why would you want to pseudo pretend that whatever you’re serving is store-bought? Besides, I’ve always found that getting cookies out of those plastic trays requires some dexterity. It would be even worse in glass when you can’t bend the plastic away from the cookies.

    Now I think I need to design a special “home-made cookies” plate to sell to the gullible who need specific items for specific purposes. Maybe it should be ultra-specific and be a set, with a plate just for chocolate-chip cookies, one just for sugar cookies, etc. I bet there’s already something like that out there.

  8. posted by Jane Lynch on

    I think it’s cute. I would use it. It’s tongue in cheek. Not dishwasher safe is a bummer though.

  9. posted by john on

    I think the tray looks great!! Now if we can only find some glass cookies that look like plastic……..

  10. posted by Marie on

    It looks like somebody spent a little too much time thinking up future retro-kitsch! It’s like somebody designing a flashdrive that looks like a cassette tape. You could, but why? Okay, yeah, entertainment value. Too bad the darn thing would break. That would be a prank to play on your friends. Oh, no! You broke my cookie plastic tray! hehe

  11. posted by Hydra on

    Wha?? No way. That just doesn’t make sense! And not to mention that it will only fit a certain type of cookie that is perfectly sized. I really cannot imagine why anyone would use this.

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