Unitasker Wednesday: Egg and Spoon Race

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy!

Once upon a time, I was a child who had backyard birthday parties. At these birthday parties, we would play games many kids love to play. There was always the water balloon toss, the three-legged race, and the egg on a spoon race. My parents would decorate the backyard with streamers and balloons and everyone would have simple fun.

With my son’s birthday on the horizon, I thought about throwing a similar party for him and went online to look for streamers and balloons. I then made the mistake of scrolling through the “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought” section on one of the Amazon pages to see if I was inadvertently leaving anything out of my order. It was then I realized one of my favorite childhood birthday games had been ruined (RUINED I SAY) — Egg and Spoon Race:

Gone are the days of using actual spoons from your kitchen drawer and hard boiled eggs from real chickens for the egg on a spoon race. Now, there are plastic spoons, plastic eggs, and bean bag “yolks.” You can’t even eat the plastic egg after you drop it like you can the hard boiled egg!

Farewell, fun and easy childhood birthday parties. Sigh.

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  1. posted by CM on

    My child is allergic to eggs, so this is a godsend! I’m going to buy it immediately!

    Just kidding. I mean, he is, but if we really need to have some sort of spoon race, we already have plastic Easter eggs at home, or we could use pretty much any of the plastic crap that is already all over the playroom.

  2. posted by hazygirl on

    Hard boiled eggs?

    Our eggs weren’t cooked. Half the fun was seeing the mess created when you dropped the egg!

    And no, we didn’t always play this outside. But then, our family often had water balloon fights in the house, too. Everything in our house was washable.

  3. posted by Kerrie on

    I second hazygirl.. hard boiled? only reason I was any good at that game was because I didn’t want the egg splattering all over me like it would some of my hasty competitors!

  4. posted by AA on

    I have to dissent here – my toddler’s day care has this toy and its a big fav with the kids.

    They can “run” inside on bad-weather days with this with no fear of mess or egg allergens, and when the teachers urn their backs the 4-year olds throw the egg up in teh air and use the spoon like a bat. CRACK – the egg opens, shells flying across the room, and the beanbag yolk gives a satisfying “thunk” as it lands.

    Loosing access to the eg game for bad behavior has resulted in tears more than once.

  5. posted by Erin Doland on

    @hazygirl and Kerrie — We never told anyone they were hardboiled. That was part of the fun. Also, much less wasteful.

  6. posted by Robin on

    I can totally see this for a daycare – it would be great for them. For the rest of us, I agree with everyone else – all the fun is in using raw and getting egg splashing everywhere. Parties are all about being wasteful and what kid doesn’t love making a mess? We would also fill balloons with pudding or whipped cream for a little extra mess. These parties were awesome!!!

  7. posted by PH O'Neill on

    Straight up, I just saw this for the first time this very morning at my son’s field day. It seemed kind of smart/kind of lame in action. Sadly there were no beanbag eggs inside the shells.

  8. posted by Anna on

    Three of the spoons are in sherbet colors (raspberry, lime, orange) — but what’s with the blue?

  9. posted by Christine on

    In addition to the egg allergy thing, I suppose that this is also an alternative for people who don’t want to contribute to the egg industry’s torture of chickens and killing (often in horribly gruesome ways) of male chicks. But I think I’d rather use my own spoons with Robin’s filled-balloon suggestion (though I’d use shaving cream).

  10. posted by Christine in Australia on

    While I can agree it’s more fun to play with real eggs and make a mess, I can see the point of people pointing out this is great for daycare or egg allergies.

    Now HERE’s a real unitasker, also found via the “customers also bought” feature:

    3-legged race bands! That break!

  11. posted by Laetitia in Australia on

    Christine – I looked up that link and then wondered what the “three legged race bags” were – turns out they’re for sack races since when have they been classed as ‘three-legged’?!.

  12. posted by Brian (Shadowfoot) on

    This made me think…Is an egg cup, for eating boiled eggs for breakfast a unitasker? What other options are there?

  13. posted by Emmers on

    I totally get the egg allergen thing, for the cases when that’s an issue, but why not use pre-existing (i.e. you/the daycare probably already own them) plastic Easter Eggs and normal spoons? Could even fill the Easter Eggs with water or something to increase the “mess risk” incentive to not drop them, etc.

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