Five benefits of a destination station

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s Destination Station serves as a public informational resource about the International Space Station. It is a mobile museum exhibit that allows visitors to experience what it’s like to be in a space station.

Destination Station is NASA’s International Space Station Program national awareness campaign that promotes research opportunities, educates communities about activities performed on the International Space Station, and communicates the real and potential impacts of the station on our everyday lives.

Just as NASA’s Destination Station serves as a resource, a similar set up in your home can have a positive effect on your daily life as well. No, I’m not suggesting that you outfit your house with space artifacts and informational posters, but you can create a go-to space (see what I did there?) — also known as a command center — and it can prove to be very helpful.

Here are five benefits of creating one for yourself:

  1. Stay in the know. In busy households, communication can sometimes seem like a child’s game of telephone. A destination station can be a place to stay in contact with family members and housemates even when you’re not all present. For example, you can post a calendar to keep track of joint appointments, parent-teacher meetings, vacation schedules, etc. You can also mount a chalkboard to leave important notes and messages.
  2. Find things quickly and easily in one central location. Skip the scavenger hunt for bills that need to be paid or items that you need to mail or return to the store. Instead, keep those items in the command center so you can quickly put your hands on them when you need to, and use baskets and containers to collect specific items in an organized way. By having them in one central spot, you won’t have to search your entire home to find what you’re looking for when you need it.
  3. Keep track of frequently used items. The command center can also be a place to keep things you use often. This can be a great spot for your keys, daily bag, mobile phone and charger, tablet, sunglasses, or any other items you need before heading out the door. You might even install a hook for your favorite jacket. Again, since the items are kept in one location, you’ll always find your things quickly and easily.
  4. Stop clutter from creeping into various spaces. When the things in your home don’t have permanent storage places, they can often bounce about various rooms and create clutter. It can be tricky to know where to put things that won’t be staying in your house, and the destination station will give you a location to organize and store your stuff until it’s time for the items to leave.
  5. Flexible to suit your needs. One of the helpful things about a command center is that there is no right or wrong way to create one. It can have elements that will help you (and everyone in your home) keep things in order. You might have a section for each person in your household, an area to collect shoes, wall files or binders for important papers, or hooks for keys. The beauty of it is you can create an area to address your specific circumstances.

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  1. posted by Mike Martel on

    Great idea. Most people probably already have one place where they collect all this stuff, just making it formal puts a little more shape around it. Mine would probably be the kitchen.

  2. posted by Stan - Paper Shredding on

    Space is what seems to be bothering everyone these days. Whether its for having to many papers lying around or other things. This is a good idea. This will help with organization in the house or office. Its a different way to keep everything in order. Thanks for the read!

  3. posted by Doug on

    Great Idea! I especially like it for staying in the know.

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