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  • Book review: Stuff
    Hoarding specialists Randy Frost and Gail Steketee recently published Stuff: Compulsive Hoarding and the Meaning of Things that explores the psychological world of hoarding. In the book, the components of the disorder are explained through case studies, and the authors also provide many examples to illustrate where a hoarder’s actions diverge from those of a healthy individual.
  • Parting with sentimental clutter
    We all struggle with sentimental clutter, not just hoarders, and the authors of the book Stuff explain why on page 45: “We can’t help but imagine that some essence of the person or the event symbolized by the objects will magically rub off and become part of us.”
  • Unitasker Wednesday: Tu-Go Travel Coffee Cup Holder
    A decade ago, I might have looked at the Tu-Go Travel Coffee Cup Holder and not considered it for our weekly unitasker feature. But now, thanks to security measures at the airport, I can’t even imagine when a person would have the opportunity to use this.


  • Not getting things done? Try WSD
    WSD = Find something to write on. Find something to write with. Finally, and most importantly, WRITE STUFF DOWN.
  • Hinge hooks
    Recently, I learned about these simple hooks that fit over the pins of door hinges. You pull out your hinge’s pins, slip the hook onto the hinge, and then slide the hinge pin back into place.

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  1. posted by Doris Russell on

    I have that book Compulsive Hoarder. I only looked through it but I think it brings out other problems people may have that leads to hoarding.

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