Organize all your cloud services with Jolidrive

As Internet access becomes ubiquitous and bandwidth drops in price, so-called “cloud” services (which store your information on a server that’s accessed via the Internet) are growing in popularity. Many are very useful and help you perform tasks like sharing photos and video, storing files, and keeping up with family and friends. Most cloud services are inexpensive, some are free, and many offer great convenience.

The trouble starts when you subscribe to more than a few. I found myself checking Instagram for photos, Facebook for updates from friends, Dropbox for shared files, Path for updates from family, and Pocket and Instapaper for articles to read. Fortunately, I found Jolidrive, which lets me keep all of those services (and many more) in one, tidy, organized layout.

Jolidrive is free to use. You can create an account by signing in with your Facebook credentials or email address. Once you’ve done that and clicked the link in your confirmation email, you’re all set.

There are several “services” you can have Jolidrive connect to, including:

  1. Exfm
  2. Vimeo
  3. SoundCloud
  4. YouTube
  5. Box
  6. CloudApp
  7. Google Plus
  8. Instapaper
  9. Picasa
  10. SkyDrive
  11. SugarSync
  12. Tumblr
  13. Ubuntu One
  14. Dropbox
  15. Facebook
  16. Flickr
  17. Google Drive (formerly Google Documents)
  18. Instagram
  19. Pocket

As you add each service, you’ll be asked for your login credentials. Once the connection is made, it appears in the sidebar of Jolidrive’s beautifully designed web interface. Tap any one to explore.

For example, I can click the Instagram icon to get a beautiful grid of the latest photos in my feed. I can also browse my own photos and those I’ve liked, as well as the most popular photos across all of Instagram. Finally, I can see who I’m following, as well as who’s following me. All from the one web page. In fact, jolidrive has become my favorite way to browse Instagram.

It works much the same with Facebook. I can see my news feed and my own timeline, my list of friends, photo albums, and videos. Again, there’s no need to visit another site. It’s very convenient and tidy.

I’ve also got Pocket in my account, it lets me browse and read saved articles in a layout that is just as pretty as the Pocket iPad app.

But Jolidrive is not just pictures and articles. I can browse and interact with almost any file I’ve got stored on Dropbox, Box, or SkyDrive. The fact that I don’t have to navigate away to all those different sites or apps is a real time-saver. On top of that, it looks great.

If you’re like me and you subscribe to a large number of cloud services, consider jolidrive. It keeps everything organized into a single, great-looking website. I have and I’m glad I did.

4 Comments for “Organize all your cloud services with Jolidrive”

  1. posted by Darrell on

    I would think that Unclutterer would promote less services than managing several.

  2. posted by Paula on

    How safe is it to give one company I know nothing about access to all my data? Does anybody have any information who is behind this?

  3. posted by TJ on

    @Darrell: Well if you really need or used those service then this is a good way of organizing it. Minimizing it is good as well but for some people they use more than one of those services, and it is nice to organize it into one simple place where you can access it.

    @Paula, I have the same question as you. I wonder how safe it is. Whenever there’s a good “free” service it is hard not to ask “how are they making money off it?”.
    From what I found out “While Jolidrive doesn’t cost anything, you have to promote it on social media in order to unlock some of the aforementioned services.” (from lifehacker:

  4. posted by alfora on

    What’s wrong with opening the services you want in different browser tabs?
    Why give a third party the credentials to ALL of your services?

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