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We are excited to announce a new Unclutterer partnership today. We have joined forces with Quarterly to help people find order in their homes and offices.

What’s Quarterly? It’s a subscription service that sends out curated packages four times a year, as its name implies. The Unclutterer staff will be selecting the items that go into all of the Unclutterer mailings. We will be including straightforward directions on how to use/install/manipulate the items. These will be quality products that will bring a higher level of organization to your spaces. Each mailing will be focused on a particular theme, to help you find order in a specific area of your life.

It may seem counterintuitive for a site called Unclutterer to be pairing with a product site like Quarterly, but it’s not. Rest assured, the products we have chosen for our mailings are useful and clutter-curing, not clutter-creating. Our assumption is that for every item we send, you will actually be able to subtract one or more things from your homes and offices. Or, the items will help you discover a significantly improved level of organization in your life.

We will not be sending clutter. The people at Quarterly are Unclutterer readers who support our mission and reached out to us to work with them. They understand our point of view.

If you’re interested, you can learn more about Quarterly and Unclutterer’s partnership on Quarterly’s site. We truly appreciate anyone who chooses to subscribe to our mailings, as in addition to helping you become more organized, a small percentage of the subscription fee comes to us so we can keep the lights on, servers running, and our writing and technical staff paid for all of their hard work. Subscribers need to sign up for the first mailing by June 1 and the first package will go out on June 14.

Update for clarification: Our many years of experience as professional organizers has taught us that there are universal clutter problems for which almost everyone needs better solutions and tools. The themes of our mailings will address these universal issues. Additionally, if you already have the solution we mail, the items will make wonderful uncluttered gifts for friends and family so you can spread your vision of an uncluttered life with others. We are very confident, however, that people who choose to participate will be more uncluttered after receiving our mailings.

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  1. posted by Jia on

    It seems counter-intuitive to send packages of who-knows-what items to subscribers without knowing whether they want, need, or will use them. As a way of creating clutter, that seems excellent.

    If Unclutterer readers wanted random stuff entering their house they wouldn’t be reading this site in the first place, surely. I appreciate that nobody is being forced to subscribe to this other site but it seems like a weird and uncomfortable pairing, and I’m not sure what sort of message it is sending to Unclutterer readers.

  2. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Jia — You make some good points and hopefully I can address them for you.

    First, like you said, we are not forcing anyone to participate. If this isn’t your cup of tea, it isn’t your cup of tea. We think it’s fun and will be extremely helpful to people who are trying to organize their lives. If it’s not for you, we aren’t offended at all.

    Second, we have always sold items on our site. We’re not an anti-consumer, ascetic-promoting site and never have been. Since 2006 we have sold things in the Unclutterer Store. For example, we have always had advertisements over in the far right column of the site. Another example is that thousands of readers kindly bought my book (THANK YOU!!) through our site not knowing what was inside the book, but trusting that I would not completely change who I am and stop providing useful organizing and uncluttering advice. They paid for the book not knowing exactly what was inside. In much the same way is this service. You pay for organizing assistance, and if you don’t have use for it you give it away to friends and family as uncluttered gifts to help them meet their needs. Based on my years of experience as a professional organizer working with clients, the experience I’ve gained from seven years of hearing from Unclutterer readers about their needs, as well as the experience of our staff of professional organizers, we are fairly certain we can put together mailings that help people get rid of other items.

    In any event, the mailings are going to be things like solutions for curbing paper clutter or solutions for curbing kitchen clutter or books about organizing or helpful items like that. Nothing will ever be physically large and, like I said earlier, if you already have the solution we mail, the items will make wonderful uncluttered gifts for friends and family. If anything requires electricity, people in various parts of the world will receive the equivalent to the US product that will work in their region. To me, it’s like subscribing to a newspaper or magazine — you pay to subscribe not knowing what content you’ll get each month, but you trust that the people putting the mailing together will continue on the same themes they always have and won’t turn The Economist into Rolling Stone.

    Or, like you said, if you’re not interested, just don’t sign up. But, if you are, we are very appreciative. We think those who sign up will like it. We’ve been having a lot of fun coming up with mailing ideas to help people.

  3. posted by Erin Doland on

    Whoo doggie! Lots of toxic nasty gram comments today. I’m going to be out of the office for most of today volunteering at my son’s school, so I’ve closed comments because I won’t be able to moderate them. Feel welcome to email me through our contact page, though. I’ll read the emails when I get back.

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