Workspace of the Week: Colombian creativity

This week’s Workspace of the Week is NomadJim’s office with a mountain view:

In theory, when you telecommute for work you can do so from anywhere. I imagine working from my bed or even on my living room couch. NomadJim imagines places much more glamorous and telecommutes from workspaces with amazing and inspiring views in warm climates. This terrace that he has commandeered as his workspace is in San Jeronimo, Antioquia, Colombia.

This isn’t the first time we’ve featured NomadJim on Unclutterer. In 2010, we showcased his outdoor tropical retreat office. Then, in 2012, we highlighted his actual corporate office space. His corporate space was terrific, but this view and climate are even more desirable. Such a perfect place to set up a laptop and get some work done.

Thank you, NomadJim, for sharing your inspiring location with us.

Want to have your own workspace featured in Workspace of the Week? Submit a picture to the Unclutterer flickr pool. Check it out because we have a nice little community brewing there. Also, don’t forget that workspaces aren’t just desks. If you’re a cook, it’s a kitchen; if you’re a carpenter, it’s your workbench.

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  1. posted by Egirlrocks on


  2. posted by [email protected] on

    Now that’s a workspace I could love!!! Might not get much done, though. That amazing view could be distracting.

  3. posted by Rhian on

    Your line “even on my living room couch” made me laugh, for the word “even”. I do lots of work from home and it’s almost all done on the sofa, laptop on my lap. I like being comfortable as I work!

  4. posted by Laurel on

    Want! I just started to make a collage of things I want in life, and this picture will definitely go on it!

  5. posted by Rachel on

    I work at home and I actually prefer NOT to work on my living room couch. It’s easy to do and tempting, but… Even after just a couple of days of doing so, I begin to feel like my whole life is spent in that one spot. It doesn’t feel emotionally healthy. Now that I have my own, separate office in the basement (with view of wildlife in my backyard), when I DON’T work in that office, at the very worst I work on the spare room couch. 😉

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