Control desktop clutter with the Homework Desk

For the last two months, I’ve challenged myself with the goal of walking every day. I’ve been spending more time with my treadmill and, as a result, I’ve also been doing quite a bit more reading on my iPad while I walk. I’m thrilled that I now have scheduled reading time and that I actually find interesting articles that help make the time pass relatively quickly. During one of my walking and reading sessions, I came across a blog post that asked if having a messy desk is such a terrible thing. My first thought, even before I read the post, was that I wouldn’t be as productive as I am if my desk were cluttered. In fact, I would probably feel compelled to organize it before I started working.

But, I also know that sometimes while I’m working, things can get a little, er, out of control. I like keeping my favorite pen, sticky notes, and notebook on my desk. And, I also have my water bottle and iPad. If there’s something that I don’t want to forget to do, it will probably be on my desk, too. The problem is that when there are too many things strewn about, it affects how well I can get things accomplished. But, if I had the Homework Desk, I might be able to have the best of both worlds — a clear desk and needed items within reach.

Have a look:

Image credit: Tomas Kral

This simple desk (aluminum placed between two slabs of wood) designed by Tomas Kral has no bells and whistles and no drawers. Instead, it has trench-like storage around it’s perimeter (Kral refers to it as a toolbox) to hold papers, pens, books, or documents that you need to have on hand. This leaves you with the entire expanse of the desk to do your work. The photo below shows a cable coming from the back of the desk, so it seems there may be built-in grommets.

Image credit: Thomas Kral

If you like this style but prefer having drawers, here’s a similar model, called my writing desk, designed by Inesa Malafej. It also has open slots on two corners for cables to run through.

Image credit: Design Boom

The drawers are slim but big enough to hold some essentials (like business cards, pens).

Image credit: Design Boom

This desk also has removable legs which would make moving it to a different location relatively easy. Of course, with both models, you’ll need to make sure you don’t clutter your table gutters with rubbish and items you don’t use.

Image credit: Design Boom

11 Comments for “Control desktop clutter with the Homework Desk”

  1. posted by Rashelle on

    Oh wow, I love the trenches on both of the desks! I’m always a big fan of spreading out and using as much surface space as I possibly can…there’s just something about a clear workspace and having everything you need literally right at your fingertips.

  2. posted by Scott Kovatch on

    I love the idea of a desk where things can’t fall off the sides or back, which I find happens far more often than you would expect. But those troughs look like black holes in the making. I can see something falling in there and not noticing it for weeks.

  3. posted by [email protected] on

    That is really cool! I think that could work for me! I’m going to show this to my husband and see if he can make it for me.

  4. posted by Jon on

    What a great idea! I would constantly have to battle against my young daughter leaving ‘giblets’ of paper from her art projects in the trenches on the sides of the desk. I also like having a clean and clear desk. Now that I work at my homemade treadmill desk I have to keep things clean and clear because there isn’t much space. These were some cool finds!

  5. posted by Alice F. on

    What’s the latest on the forums? Suffering serious withdrawal here. 🙂

  6. posted by bandicoot on

    alice, YES, i am missing the lovely forum people too!
    i haven’t fallen into cluttered chaos or anything, but i miss hearing what everyone is up to.

    dear erin….any word on time frames?

  7. posted by luxcat on

    another jones-ing member here.

    as of this morning (8 hours ago local time) the facebook page said “Unclutterer: Fingers crossed it will be going live today. Just putting finishing touches on it. I LOVE how it is organized. So excited for you all to see it”

    So they must have hit another tech snag. how frustrating that must be! Poor unclutterer staff!

    and on topic…. this table doesn’t do it for me. it’s just clutter moved to the side. a basket set on the floor would be even better (at least for me) because at least it wouldn’t be all that stuff in your vision.

  8. posted by PJ on

    Man, would I love to see this in a laptop version!

  9. posted by MixinItaly on

    One cannot deny that the design is fabulously ingenious and simple, no matter if we would clutter it up or keep it clean.

  10. posted by Cee Kay on

    Oh, gosh — that’s just what I need. I want a place to put drinks that’s down off the desk a bit. I think after we move, I may build myself a desk on this plan. Thanks!

  11. posted by Chicago office furniture on

    The desk works and looks great. One of the best office desks I have ever seen. Would recommend it to everyone.

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