Unitasker Wednesday: Stainless Steel Stir Mug

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy!

You know those mornings when taking a spoon out of a kitchen drawer is just way too much to ask of you? Sure, you somehow have enough energy to make a pot of coffee, get a coffee mug out of the cupboard, take the gallon of milk out of the refrigerator, pour both coffee and milk into your mug, and return the coffee caraffe to the coffeemaker and the milk to the refrigerator — but retrieving a spoon is the straw that breaks the camel’s back? Whoa, Nelly, NOT A SPOON!

Well, for those mornings when using a spoon or swishing the contents of your mug around is just more than you can bear, there is the Stainless Steel Stir Mug:

What cracks me up most about this unitasker is that it supposes you are too lazy to stir your beverage with a spoon, yet somehow not too lazy to hand wash the electric mug, which is a requirement. You’re also not too lazy to constantly keep it powered with two AAA batteries. I’m not sure the creators of this device really had their target market properly identified.

Oh, and the fact that it doesn’t work with iced beverages is another strike against it. It’s sugar at the bottom of a glass of ice tea that bothers me more than any other mixed drink.

Thanks to reader Donna for introducing us to this wonderful unitasker.

12 Comments for “Unitasker Wednesday: Stainless Steel Stir Mug”

  1. posted by Irene on

    How old is that mug? Bextra was pulled off the shelves by the FDA back in 2005!

  2. posted by Matt on

    A spoon…or fork, butter knife, potato peeler, egg whisk or really any clean piece of cutlery within arms reach. (And of course, cutlery which has only been used to stir other cups of coffee doesn’t count as “dirty”).

  3. posted by maxie on

    @Erin, maybe this will help you when you just can’t manage stirring your iced tea:

  4. posted by Irene on

    How about adding the sugar and creamer to the mug before pouring the coffee? The coffee automatically mixes with everything else – no spoon (or throw-away stirring stick) needed at all!

  5. posted by Catherine on

    Yes, just like Irene said, put your mix-ins in before the coffee and you don’t even need a spoon!

  6. posted by Nancy on

    I actually got one of these at a family white elephant exchange. I traded it for something else with my granddaughter as she thought it was great for her hot chocolate. Haha. I wonder if she even used it. If we have another exchange it will probably go around again.

  7. posted by Christine on

    This MIGHT be useful to people like me who work in an office where the kitchen has a Cutlery Muncher who particularly likes teaspoons.

    I deny the Cutlery Muncher by keeping a spoon on my desk, along with my tea and teacup.

  8. posted by Anna on

    Entertainment for a baby in a high chair? Might last for all of three minutes….

  9. posted by Dave on

    We used to use the magnetic stirrer in the chemistry lab to stir our coffee (and yes, sometime we used to use the beakers to make the coffee in). The stirrer/hotplate combination was brilliant…

  10. posted by Cathie on

    I do exactly what Irene and Catherine above said. Every morning. No spoon, yet mixed coffee. Genius.

  11. posted by Gordon on

    If I’m making instant coffee, I’ll add the granules, sugar (sweetener pill) and milk before the hot water goes in.

    It does not mix the sweetener pill much though, so maybe different from sugar?

    Also, I second the ‘handy for office’ comment, we rarely have any spoons or utensils after about 11am. I’m not gonna clean one so this mug is actually a brilliant idea!!

    Sad thing is, I’m only half joking (the unfunny half…)

  12. posted by sash on

    For iced tea, I just freeze sugar syrup into cubes, add one to the tea, and it cools things down and no undissolved sugar at the bottom- although you do have to play around with the sugar syrup to tea ratio a bit!

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