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  • Tax time: Three basic steps to get you closer to filing your taxes on time
    If you’re good at procrastinating and do it often, putting off doing your 2011 tax returns would be a very simple thing to do. I know it’s even easier to procrastinate doing them when you suspect you owe the government money. There’s no need to let stress about completing your taxes take its toll on you, though. Getting started with just a few easy tasks right now can alleviate some of your anxiety, help you to be better organized, and assist you with meeting the federal and your state’s tax deadlines.
  • Unitasker Wednesday: Cauliflower Corer
    I didn’t even know Cauliflower Corers were a thing. More importantly, I never would have guessed what it was if it were sitting in front of me. Where I come from, tubes with sharp things on the end of them are used for digging holes for fence posts.




  • Digital books for your mobile device
    Over the course of the past few months, more electronic reading options have hit the market and we wanted to bring them to your attention.
  • Organizing food storage wraps
    If you’re not lucky enough to have a designated drawer for food storage wraps in your kitchen, you probably have to sacrifice space in your pantry or cupboards for these items.
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