Creative, space-saving furniture for almost any room

When you live in a small space, you typically need to keep only the items that you use the most and that have high sentimental value. Of course, you can use hooks, glide out shelves, and other ease-of-use items to help you keep things stored well. Though you might think that you’ll lose out on style in a small home, you can find functional furniture that is both compact and aesthetically pleasing.

This desk by designer, Yoon-Zee Kim, can also be also used as a bookshelf. Depending on your needs, you might choose to use it as seating. It appears to be a concept design but you may be able to create something similar.

Image source: Yanko Design

Using vertical space to store items usually means that you’re making use of walls and doors to mount items. Doing this reduces footprint of those items so that you have more floor space to walk. Furniture that is raised off the floor can help you achieve similar results.

Boxetti, a transformable furniture series by Lativan desinger, Rolands Landsbergs, starts out looking like a cube but doubles as a table (when not in use) and couch. The Boxetti Lounge also integrates several elements needed in a living room, including a three-seat sofa and side tables.

Image source: Boxetti

This coffee table by Resource Furniture lifts up to reveal a small storage area. Once raised, it can be used as a desk or eating area in front of a couch or chair.

Image source: Resource Furniture

Many companies, including La-Z-Boy, now make similar lift-style tables.

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  1. posted by Emily on

    My husband and I have a la-z-boy lift top table and we love it. It’s just the two of us in a small apartment so we use it as a coffee table and lift up for a dining table. I also sometimes use it as extra project workspace since my desk is quite small.

    The only downside is that we had to institute a ‘cat check’ each time before lowering the lid because they like to play in the storage area and are not smart enough to move out of the way.

  2. posted by Sinea Pies on

    Love creative space saving. Ever little bit counts. I just made a little book area in a bottom cupboard in my kitchen. The books are on their side, spine up, so that they can easily be moved and replaced. I was so tired of digging through piles to get what I wanted. This is nice and neat and easy.

  3. posted by Lena on

    I have a lift-up table, too, and I LOVE it. I also have to do a “cat check” before lowering it…

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