Unitasker Wednesday: Double Dip Bowl

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy!

This is one of those items that when you see it your first thought is, “ingenious!” Then, you pause for a moment and remember you don’t own a restaurant that serves guests olives as appetizers. The Double Dip Bowl:

Let’s all agree that the name is confusing. The nesting bowls are designed so you can hide unsightly pits and shells into the lower, hidden bowl after you eat the yummy part of the nut or cherry or olive. There isn’t really anything dipping or double dipping about this in the least. It really should be called something like a Shell Shrouder Bowl or a Squirrel Away Bowl. The name is broken.

Let’s also agree that while it’s a neat idea, you would rarely (maybe never) use it. Instead of a useful bowl, it would be a dust collector. When sitting home alone with a bag of pistachios, you just put the shells in a regular bowl or straight into the trash. You don’t care if you see the remnants of your snack. This is one of those fancy bowls just for parties — and you probably don’t serve things with shells or pits at parties because those things are messy. Also, you know your guests will be shaking hands with each other, and no one wants to shake hands with someone who just had his hands in his mouth retrieving an olive pit.

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  1. posted by Nana on

    I was (formerly) married to a pig who wouldn’t take a selection of things onto the provided small plate, but would eat what pleased him and leave the shell, pit or shrimp tail on the table. Delightful. If I’d had one of these to bring with us (kinda like bringing a bib for one’s little child), we might have been invited to more cocktail parties.

  2. posted by Dorothy on

    I often go to parties where olives (with pits!) are served. The pits, shrimp tails and chicken bones are not very nice to look at and often end up on the serving table. While I don’t think I would buy this bowl, it’s actually not a bad idea imo.

  3. posted by Jia on

    Not just pointless but actively dangerous for anybody trying to lose weight! Seeing the evidence of what you have eaten is one of the best ways of stopping yourself from going too far. Leave those stones/bones/shells/wrappers right where you can see them rather than hiding them away 🙂

  4. posted by Cindy on

    It might not be bad for things served with toothpicks. The lower bowl would make a handy place to slip the used ones.

  5. posted by purpleBee on

    Yes, its quite cluttery.

    It would be easy enough to use an ordinary dish and have a second small deep dish on a table for pips and stems when guests are over. Or simply serve stuffed olives

  6. posted by Becky on

    I’m surprised the retail site doesn’t mention artichokes. That’s the only use I could imagine.

  7. posted by Laura on

    I disagree totally. For the first time, when having guests over, I can now serve nuts with shells (which everyone loves) without the mess that follows. I haven’t come across anyone yet who doesn’t love this bowl! I never thought of using it for cocktail parties but instead for small gatherings where everyone sits around in the living room and can easily access this cute bowl on the coffee table. In fact, several people have gone out and bought one. It’s inexpensive and also comes in a more neutral stone color for the bottom bowl.

  8. posted by Arden on

    When I read the title, I thought this was a bowl that would give you your separate dip from the main bowl so that you could “double dip” your chip. Too funny!

  9. posted by Evelyn on

    This bowl is called the Double Dish not the Double Dip. I would love one for wrapped candies or sunflower seeds. I’m sure I’d use it every week.

  10. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Evelyn — Ha! Amazon changed the name! Seriously, yesterday it WAS Double Dip. It’s still Double Dip on Uncommongoods.com http://www.uncommongoods.com/p.....-dip-bowls

  11. posted by WilliamB on

    This is one of those (few) times that my reaction to Unitasker Wednesday is “Hey, that would be useful.” I serve all sorts of things that have unsightly remains – cherries, shrimp, toothpicky foods, nuts, etc. Now I put another bowl out but I’d rather hide the mess.

    Too bad it’s ugly.

  12. posted by Nat on

    I like the concept. But I don’t like the execution using melamine. I still wouldn’t buy it because I’m sure I can shop at home for a solution. However, in it’s defense, it does say you can use it as two bowls.

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