Modo modular desktop organizer on Kickstarter

The organizers of a new Kickstarter project got in touch with us yesterday because they thought our readers might be interested in the modular desktop organizer they’re trying to crowdfund. Watch the following video:

The design seems both simple and flexible. We’d love to see them produce the base in a variety of woods though. While sustainable, bamboo isn’t always our cup of tea.

At a pre-order price of $26, we’re still impressed.

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  1. posted by B&A Studio on

    Thank you very much for helping us get the word out. We truly believe in Modo and hope with more support we can get them made. Cheers!!

  2. posted by Kicknatic! on

    I already backed Modo on Kickstarter and I just love it! I never saw similar organizer and I have used many of them. Cant wait to get crazy with organization of those smooth pins and making my desktop clear of all the stuff once and for all.

    Here is link:

  3. posted by Jan Michaletz on

    Thanks for the great tip! I’ve been watching Kickstarter for awhile, and am proud to say that this is the first item to capture my attention and my dollars.

  4. posted by klutzgrrl on

    Great looking product, I like the idea a lot.

    my one concern is the manufacturer of “top brands”, which I equate to foreign sweatshop. Are the workers being paid a fair wage and treated respectfully?

  5. posted by Jia on

    Every desk at my office (local government civic building) has something very similar to this on it. The flat base, the holes, the moveable dividers. It is a nice idea but doesn’t seem original – not that a lack of originality stops it from being a good product, of course.

  6. posted by Roberta on

    I really like this especially as I look at my crowded, formerly organized desktop…this is both functional and lovely to look at. I’m heading for Kickstarter…and ordering.

  7. posted by Shannon Roughgarden on

    Just pure genious!

  8. posted by cynthia mcardle on

    Wow! This is pretty interesting! I would love to grab one of this desktop organizer. So cool!

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