Inexpensive and industrial-chic shelving from shipping pallets

We were seriously impressed by this shelving built for a tasting room at Olabisi wines. As you can see, it’s just a stack of shipping pallets.


It’s amazing how in the right environment, something as rough and unfinished as a stack of shipping pallets can look modern and expensive.

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  1. posted by Marie on

    Any worries about wood of this sort being treated with arsenic?

  2. posted by PJ Doland on

    Here’s a post from Instructables that tells you how to read the codes printed on pallets to tell if they were heat treated or methyl bromide treated.

    For this kind of project, you would only want to use heat treated pallets.

    CCA was banned over ten years ago, so newer pallets shouldn’t have arsenic.

  3. posted by Eva Z. on

    This is a great idea and looks wonderful! I can also envision it with a stone/concrete/slate or just solid wood top (to get a more stable surface).

  4. posted by Another Deb on

    Pallets are the modern day flour sacks of repurposed materials!

  5. posted by Linda on

    Love the idea, but where do *I* get pallets wtihout paying an arm and a leg?

  6. posted by Another Deb on

    You might try small businesses who get shipments of tile, flooring, bags of feed, etc. Ask if they throw them away or recycle them with their vendors. Check on Craigslist. Drive behind shopping centers and note if there are pallets set out or next to dumpsters.

  7. posted by Olga on

    It looks anything but not expensive, at leats to me

  8. posted by Olga on

    at least

  9. posted by Barb on

    The pallet shown at the instructables link appears to be made from a piece of mid-quality plywood, which is not only stronger and less rough than the planks that comprise the one above, it leaves no crevices for food to slip through, never to be retrieved by any subsequent cleaning. Sorry to be a killjoy, but I would never use this where food is being served, and I am not a germophobe or a great housekeeper. I’m a designer who has worked on commercial kitchens, and I’m surprised this thing passed muster with the health inspector. Perhaps because it’s only wine being served and nothing that could get lost inside this and rot or attract vermin? For anyone wanting to try this, I would sand like crazy and apply many coats of a sealing finish, and never use around food.

  10. posted by Jason on

    Reuse of wood pallets even if not heat treated or methyl bromide treated are still a health issue.

    They can contain pathogens that cause severe sickness because you can never fully sanitize them for use.

    Here is a good article to explain this:

  11. posted by Jill on


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