Table and chairs disappear inside bookcase for easy storage

This design concept from Orla Reynolds Furniture seems like one of the most efficient uses of space that we’ve ever seen. Watch how the four colorful chairs and a table hide inside the panels of a 16-compartment modular bookcase:

My only concern would be scratching the chairs and table when sliding them away into the cabinet.

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  1. posted by Cee Kay on

    This looks super neat — I’m wondering if there’s a price, or if it will ever come into production. I generally find “transformable” furniture impractical, but that really looks usable.

  2. posted by EngineerMom on

    Depending on what it’s made from (if it’s strong enough to support someone in the 250lb range), this would have been a great solution to our tiny apartment! We don’t really have a dining room, but we always eat a sit-down meal for dinner. Our current solution is the IKEA Norden gateleg table with one side always down and pushed up against a wall (so only half the table is open at a time). It works OK for 2 adults and 2 young children, but it would be nice to be able to get the dining chairs completely out of the way when they’re not actually in use. We can’t use folding chairs because they don’t hold enough weight.

  3. posted by Kalle on

    This is very cool but I’m struggling to come up with practical real-world for this. Meaning, where and how is this method of storing a table and some chairs going to make sense?

  4. posted by Monica on

    That would be really cool for a play room. You can store books and toys on the shelf and have the table and chairs for the occasional craft time.

  5. posted by VeritySa on

    I was thinking a play room or child’s bedroom too. Then they could have a way to do homework but plenty of room to play. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Great for college dorm room too come to think of it. I hope this does go into production! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. posted by Renata on

    Looks really neat- but then again I am a sucker for transformable furniture ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for posting.

  7. posted by Cathie on

    Would love to see a more attractive, sturdier-looking unit.

  8. posted by Gypsy Packer on

    Retirement housing. Campers, instead of those ghastly plaid banquettes. Overpriced megalopolitan studios. Porches, back and front. Guest houses. Small offices. Get these into production, ASAP.

  9. posted by Kiki on

    Oh, I could and would use this in my practical, real-world studio apartment (that doesn’t have a dining room or any other “rooms”).

    Especially if I could choose or mix up the table/chair colors and it was affordable. Going to the site now to sign up for updates (if they offer ’em)!

  10. posted by Colleen on

    I love this, although I think the middle legs of the two table halves would annoy me if I had four people at the table. Otherwise it’s terribly clever! I really like the playroom idea from VeritySA!

  11. posted by Jodi on

    I love this!!!!!!

  12. posted by Jacquie on

    Why do the table tops slide out?

  13. posted by MelD on

    Awesome and clever.
    I would like it in wood (maybe light oak?!) with the chairs/table, which look like metal, in white… very very good for those with little space as mentioned by other commenters.

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