Unitasker Wednesday: Masterbuilt Butterball Professional Indoor Turkey Fryer

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes โ€” we donโ€™t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy!

Gobble! Gobble!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in the U.S., and millions of Americans will be gathering with friends and family to enjoy turkey, dressing, and pumpkin pie. I’m personally a fan of a dry brined roasted turkey, accompanied by very little family drama.

However, I’m well aware that my way is not the only way and there are people who like their drama turned up to 11 and their birds fried to a crisp. I’ll admit, frying the bird does add a dangerous element to what might otherwise be an adventure-free day. Heck, just this week I learned from watching an Allstate Insurance advertisement that 15 people burned their houses completely to the ground last year as a result of frying Thanksgiving turkeys — now that IS adventurous!

And, what better thing to do this holiday than bring that potentially deadly outdoor adventure indoors, near where all your family members are gathered! Introducing the Masterbuilt Butterball Professional Series Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer:

Frying a turkey indoors seems like a swell idea. I can’t think of a single thing that could possibly go wrong. Kids running around wouldn’t trip over any electrical cables, pulling scalding oil down on top of them. Great Aunt Martha who doesn’t have the best eyesight wouldn’t accidentally open it and burn the skin off her face. Nope. No risk of injury to anyone at your family gathering.

Plus, I bet this turkey frying contraption gets used ALL the time. It’s a Tuesday in June, why NOT fry a turkey?! And, I you could probably even fry a duck in it, too! And your neighbor’s pet rabbit! (Too far? Did I just go too far?)

For those of you who like to serve turkeys that have been taking steroids, the Masterbuilt Butterball Professional Series Indoor Electric Turkey Fryer also comes in X-Large! Sweet. Nothing says, “I love you, family,” than using extra hot oil to wound your guests and catch your home on fire.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Bonus: Dozens of you sent me a link to the (riddled with curse words) “Hater’s Guide to the Williams-Sonoma Catalog” this week, and I am so thankful you shared it with me. If you’re not at work and haven’t yet seen this entertaining diatribe about the unitaskers featured in this year’s holiday catalog, you should go and enjoy the rant.

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  1. posted by David on

    My experience with this unit last year was horrible. My advice is to test the fryer before Turkey day. I bought the unit, bought 5 gallons of peanut oil, and a huge turkey. I was ready to go. Plugged in the unit and nothing happened. Tried a million different ideas but nothing worked so here i was in this predicament. Roasting takes 3 hours and dinner was in 1.5 hours. We ended up throwing it on the grill and cooking the turkey that way. So buyer beware, and for the record, the Butterball tech support is closed on Thanksgiving. ๐Ÿ™‚ This year? Back to the basics of roasting.

  2. posted by Carla on

    For a little turkey fryer safety dramatized by William Shatner:


  3. posted by Will on

    My wife bought this delightful item last year, because her mother thought it unsafe for me to fry a turkey outside. So much safer to fry it indoors (as you note) and entire house smells like oil for days! I lose quiet time outside to drink an adult beverage and fry a turkey, and get to smell the turkey for a week in my house.

  4. posted by Kelly on

    I usually roll on the floor laughing when I see the Wednesday unitaskers, but I have to disagree w/this one: if you’re going to fry a turkey (I have no comment on why one would do that, but hey) this is the only method/product that is UL approved. The open-flame gas fryers that burn down neighborhoods are pretty dangerous, but Underwriters Laboratories (the global independent safety agency that brings us safe extension cords, smoke alarms, etc.) has signed off on this method, so I’m all for this product. As for the lingering grease smell? Leave a bowl of white vinegar on the counter – it will absorb any food odors in about a day. Pretty great!

  5. posted by joyce on

    The Hater’s Guide to the Williams Sonoma Catalog is hysterical and well worth the read. It made my day!

  6. posted by Jim Baker on

    hmmmm… i tried posting a comment earlier but it must not have gone through, it was to verbose anyway…

    Simply, I agree with Kelly, I own this item and like it a lot.

  7. posted by infmom on

    I saw the infomercial for this thing last week and laughed myself silly.

    Of course, I do have to admit to owning a Chicken Bucket pressure fryer. ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. posted by Henave on

    I almost choked on my coffee reading about the fruitcake on the Hater’s Guide to the W. S. Catalog. A good dose of humor is badly needed right now, thank you!

  9. posted by J.P. on

    I love your sense of humor, Erin. Just one more thing I’m thankful for.

  10. posted by priest's wife (@byzcathwife) on

    who has room for all these unitaskers? With a family of 6 and a house of 1200 sq ft, I have to REALLY need something to bring it in the house- I do have two bins of use-once-a-year Christmas stuff, but everything else must be in regular rotation

  11. posted by squibby on

    Being from a country without Thanksgiving, I have to ask … why would you deep fry turkey? I don’t get why stir fried or steamed turkey or chicken wouldn’t be more sensible. Not to mention more edible.

    But for deep fried … this seems like unitasker overkill. ๐Ÿ™‚

    P.S. Erin, I love catalogue rant.

  12. posted by Brnice on

    I love these articles. I just cleaned out my 2 kitchen drawers; who needs 4 ladles , 3 cheese grinders, etc? now I can see the bottom of my drawer. Please dont tempt me with these wonderfully one of a kind “things” I did read the rant, had to skip over the language as much as I could so I won’t be sending to my friends, it was entertaining tho ! It is amazing how some can really express themselves dramatically without using such language.And some can’t. But it was pretty funny anyway.

  13. posted by Jacquie on

    I’m with the other non-US national, why whould you want to deep fry a turkey? I’d never even heard of it as an option before this. I learn such a lot from Unitasker Wednesday.

    There’s not a lot of challenge in oven cooking one or I would have thought cooking it in one of the big posh barbecues-with-a-lid if you really want to cook it outside, but frying it? Is this like Southern fried chicken only bigger? It sure doesn’t sound like the healthiest option.

    @brnice. I have multiples of many kitchen tools as there are only two of us and we don’t run the dishwasher every day. It seems a bit self defeating to have a machine to do it for me then need to waste time and metered water handwashing tools I need to use. But three cheese graters?

  14. posted by CB on

    To those wondering why you’d deep fry a turkey, turkey is a not an especially delicious bird. If it wasn’t traditional, very few people would want to prepare it. So Americans, who are likely to have to eat it on Thanksgiving, spend a huge amount of effort coming up with ways to make it actually taste like something – brining, smoking, etc etc. – particularly if they can preserve the classic holiday visual of a complete bird on a platter for carving. And then of course, also…. people will deep fry just about anything.

  15. posted by Another Deb on

    Erin’s message of fryer tragedies stayed with me as I flew across the Deep South this Thanskgiving day. Approaching New Mexico, Texas and Georgia, I saw fires in the distance, or rather the plumes that they created. All I could think of was that someone was using a turkey fryer!

  16. posted by RK on

    I usually laugh with you, but totally disagree with this one. We’ve owned this item for a couple of years and my husband uses it a lot during the holidays. He even takes it to work and fries the turkey for his office’s Thanksgiving and Christmas parties. He used to fry turkey the old-fashioned way – not exactly safe, but like most things a little common sense goes a LONG LONG WAY.

    And as for the question of why fry a turkey – why fry a chicken, when you can roast it?

    Point made.

  17. posted by daisy on

    It is really clear that y’all don’t know about fried turkeys at all. They are not breaded like fried chicken. The hot oil quickly sears the whole bird and all the meat is wonderfully moist. But the real advantage is time – I can fry 6 birds in the amount of time it takes for one to roast. So we do all the neighbors, make multiple for leftovers, etc. Electric is smarter than propane, but I wouldn’t use it indoors! It’s so nice not to have the whole house hot from running the oven all day.

    It is also not a unitasker, if you want to have catfish frys, too. Y’all haven’t eaten a good turkey until you’ve tried a fried turkey! They’re excellent!

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