Unitasker Wednesday: The Pepper Prepper

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy!

Although this week’s unitasker selection is called a Pepper Prepper — which conjures up images of a sweet pepper with a sweater tied around its shoulders heading off to Phillips Academy — I’m renaming it the Pepper Screw. It’s like a corkscrew, but it’s just for removing the tops and bellies of sweet peppers:

I sincerely don’t understand how screwing something around the top of a pepper is somehow easier than using a knife and just cutting out the center:

And, if you want to stuff peppers, all you have to do is cut off the top and then grab the innards with your hand and pull them out. It takes mere seconds.

Oh, Pepper Screw, you are one really odd unitasker that looks much more difficult to use than a knife. Thanks to reader Extra for bringing this unitasker to our attention.

11 Comments for “Unitasker Wednesday: The Pepper Prepper”

  1. posted by Sarah on

    I call my “pepper prepper” my FINGERS. I have 10 of them, in convenient sets of five, completely with opposable thumbs. Came free when I was born.

  2. posted by Dusty @ Wine Logic on

    Huh, if I like peppers more, this would be a great product! Maybe I could use it to do green peppers for my pizza!

  3. posted by Rachel on

    My inner-voice (with OCD) is torn… do I want perfect circles on the tops of my peppers, or do I want my kitchen gadget drawer to stay efficient?

  4. posted by Debra on

    Another under the category: a knife will do just fine!

  5. posted by Dede on

    This may be the ultimate Unitasker. Not only does it do ONE task, it can only be used on ONE type of pepper. If you want help coring a jalapeno, you need another Unitasker.

  6. posted by Kendra on

    Maybe it’s not a Unitasker after all. I mean, you could use it to aerate to soil in your mini-terrarium…LOL!

  7. posted by CM on

    That is so weird. Like cutting the top off a pepper is a problem that needs to be solved? But I love how Kendra came up with an actual use for it. That’s ingenuity!

  8. posted by Robin on

    I’m surprised at the positive reviews on this. One said “It makes a long, boring task a bit quicker.” Really? Removing the insides of a pepper is long and boring? I guess I just don’t use enough whole peppers…

    Oh, but it’s NOT a unitasker. According to the description, it works great on tomatoes too. 🙂

  9. posted by Anna on

    Until I linked to the Amazon page and read the description more slowly, I thought the orange thing in the illustration was maybe a container for the pepper being gutted. That the horizontal pieces below and beside it were some sort of stabilizer, like buttresses on a cathedral, that allowed you to keep your hand(s) free. That you put your pepper in the container (assuming the pepper was the right size) and then performed the necessary surgery. But lo! It is a real pepper! Along with a few skinny slices! Oh, dear! Less for me to laugh at!

  10. posted by Rebecca on

    I actually think this is adorable and hilarious, not that I would ever buy it. But! You have to use a knife to cut the stem off the pepper before you can use the Pepper Prepper! A Pepper Pre-Prepper?

  11. posted by Deb on

    The only benefit I can see for this item is if I was the chef for a stuffed pepper dinner for 500. However, that won’t be happening.

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