Unitasker Wednesday: Hot Dog Slice and Serve

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy!

I often think this weekly feature could be renamed “Instead of a knife …” Instead of a knife, this thing-a-ma-jigger slices a banana! Instead of a knife, this gadget somehow sections a grapefruit! Instead of a knife, own a thousand unitaskers that you don’t need and that take up a ridiculous amount of space in your kitchen cupboards!

This week’s selection obviously falls into this same “Instead of a knife …” category. I have to admit, the little guy is cute and I love how he has a food bowl for ketchup. But there is no way the Hot Dog Slice and Serve is more useful than a knife and plate:

See, I told you he was cute!

Unfortunately, this plastic doodad isn’t going to chop onions or carve a pumpkin or do anything other than look adorable. It certainly can’t multi-task, and according to the reviews on Amazon, it’s not even good at replacing a knife.

Megan said, “This thing isn’t sharp enough to cut through the skin of the hot dog.” And Bruce commented, “Full size hotdog won’t fit in holder,” and that it’s, “hard to clean.” It appears that in its attempt to be safe for children to use, it became impossible for anyone to use.

If only people needed kitchen utensils for their cuteness instead of their function …

Thanks to readers Dave and Bethany for sharing this unitasker with us.

13 Comments for “Unitasker Wednesday: Hot Dog Slice and Serve”

  1. posted by Dusty on

    This is great for 3 bucks! I could for sure use this when cutting up dogs for a stew. For the grill, I like to cut spirals into hotdogs s that they take up more room on the bun and fit more toppings inside.

  2. posted by Ben on

    The reviews on this item are quite similar to this product: http://www.amazon.com/Stuff-De.....utterer-20

  3. posted by GW on

    I came from work one day to find not one, but TWO of these sitting on my counter. I questioned my wife and she thought these were adorable and each of our two kids could have their own.

  4. posted by Sky on

    Seriously? People still eat hotdogs?

  5. posted by Jasi on

    Doesn’t it blow your mind how many inventions exist for making hot dogs more convenient? It’s kind of cute though and if I never had to clean my own stadium kitchen, I might buy it for kitsch. But not likely in this lifetime. Funny!

  6. posted by Nana on

    And, of course, when it does actually cut a hot dog, it cuts one into handy, dandy coin-sized circles — just the right size to choke a small child.

  7. posted by Anita on

    I was going to make an (admittedly lame) pun about how that’s ‘one sharp puppy’ but apparently it… isn’t.

    Also, I might be out of touch here, but kids that are old enough to heat hot dogs usually have teeth, don’t they? When I was growing up, hot dogs were finger foods. Can kids not bite and chew any more?!

  8. posted by pam on

    When I was a kid, I was allowed to cut up my hot dogs with a butter knife, and I suffered no injuries. Has something happened to American parenting (or the sharpness of butter knives) since then?

  9. posted by katrina on

    It seems to be designed for cutting skinless hotdogs. I agree with Anita … a child can bite through a skinless hotdog, so why bother cutting the dogs into pieces?

  10. posted by Laura on

    ok, I love laughing at your unitaskers, but I totally have this one — and my life is better because of it. My picky toddler eater has nearly a hot dog a day, and I HATE slicing them down the middle so he won’t choke. They slide around and I cut my fingers. But this thing slices them down the center and in bite size pieces all at once. It really does save me time. Plus I use it to serve the hot dog and the ketchup — saves me a cutting board to clean.

    It’s silly and ridiculous-looking but for my life right now it really does simplify my routines.

  11. posted by Kamar Bazarek on

    These “Dogs” are ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC & CUTE! (Just for the kid in me!) And my two grandsons – of course.

  12. posted by CV on

    No, it doesn’t cut them into circles, it cuts them into half-circles; there’s a longitudinal cut you can’t see well in these photos.

    I saw this in my local grocery store, and was amazed at the stupidity.

  13. posted by Dianna on

    Let’s talk about why we don’t want children to eat hot dogs in the first place.

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