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As the weather starts to get cooler here at the Unclutterer headquarters, we’ve been busy brewing up some fun and helpful projects to get us through the rest of the year and into 2013. The post topics we’ve selected for the remainder of 2012 look spectacular, and we are hopeful you’ll enjoy and benefit from them. (I am LOVING our plans for the Holiday Gift Giving Guide!)

Also on the schedule are a few things we wanted to share with you.

First, the audio version of my book Unclutter Your Life in One Week has been recorded and we are looking into ways to make it available for sale. The voice actress who plays me in the recording is phenomenal and the project, in my opinion, is a total success. If you’ve been waiting for an audio version of my book, you won’t have to wait much longer. We’ll notify everyone when the audio book is available for sale, which I’m hopeful will be in the next two weeks.

Speaking of books, I’m eager to write another one. If you’ve been searching for an uncluttering, organizing, or simple living book on a specific subject but can’t find one, let me know. The concept that has been bouncing around my brain isn’t set in stone, and I want to write on a topic people who are very interested in this subject area want to read. Now is your chance to weigh in if you have an opinion!

Third, so this post has some useful content, here are my recent posts on Women and Co.:

Finally, another post will go live in a few minutes (if it hasn’t already) so you will get uncluttering and organizing content in addition to announcements today. Stay tuned!

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  1. posted by Mikala on

    I’d really love some info in the book on what I call re-engineering housework. I have an illness which leaves me very tired, so I do things lke stack certain laundry rather than folding, and hang shirts on hangers before they go out for line drying so that they can go straight in the cupboard afterwards. I’ve also used building products that eliminate a lot of the grout in my bathroom – far less cleaning. I’d love more ideas!

  2. posted by Teresa on


    You mention you have an 8 year old son….there aren’t any good books with practical hands on advice on how to teach kids organizational skills. Boys, in particular, really need this! From “collections” and toy management, to books, crazy backpacks, forgotten backpack mail, missed assignments, time management issues etc. It’s hard to teach kids this especially if you are not hyper organized. And chances are, if we are reading your blog, we are not already hyper organized!

    So I vote for a kids focused book!

  3. posted by Gypsy Packer on

    I’m always looking for good material on small-space living. Many people and small businesses want to see anything they can get on organizing tool rooms and maintenance and repair storage.

    Some of us can even get by without a chef’s knife. Trent Hamm at The Simple Dollar recommended a sharpenable Victorinox paring knife for all-purpose duty. Mine was a cool $6 from eBay and came with a case. It’s sharp enough to sliver my fingernails or a garlic clove.

    Remember that home canners do require a few single-taskers: pressure canner and jar tongs. We refuse to be guilt-tripped about them.

  4. posted by SMK on

    I love Teresa’s idea about teaching organization and time-management skills to kids. As an extension of this I would love something with practical tips for staying organized through the kid years. -I have a 2 year old and feel as if it’s impossible to keep up with the editing, storing and rotating of clothes, toys and other kid paraphernalia, not to mention the family schedule and regular cleaning. I hope the first two years were the worst of the “stuff”, but with a birthday and Christmas quickly approaching and years of crafts, school projects, homework & sports ahead of us, I’m guessing it will only get more complicated. Help!

  5. posted by Dusty on

    SNK, just wait until all the sports and activities start that have they have special clothes for!

  6. posted by María on

    I support two of the mentioned ideas: how to stay organized with kid(s) and how to keep a small space organized.

  7. posted by Amanda on

    Yes, please- organization with kids! From how to organize their stuff through the years, to all the information you need to track such as school and sports schedules, to keeping on top of curating important memories- I don’t know of anyone who does all with ease and so useful suggestions would be very welcome!

  8. posted by Michelle on

    How about extending it to organizing by generations? As our extended family is dealing with new babies, youth heading to college, downsizing retires, and elderly parents entering a home all at once, we are all in a chaos together! Ideas for how to help transition the good habits, share our extras and toss the bad junk (or prevent us from even getting it in the first place) as a collective group would be much appreciated.

  9. posted by Letitia on

    I like Michelle’s idea and the one for kids,
    (Maybe you can also make your own uncluttered family planner/calendar with tips on it and with a whole month on 2 A3 pages with large blocks for writing)
    also it made me think of the dread I feel looking towards the uncluttering of a whole house. Honestly when I come home from work, make a meal for my family, play with my son and bring him to bed, I might take out one load of laundry, but I do not look forward to doing some 2 hours uncluttering/cleaning in the evening…. Maybe something like “save time by working neatly” or “low budget room make-overs by uncluttering them”
    focus on uncluttering and cleaning up small areas in the house combined with the reward of a good looking space. And help with prioritizing the areas. And using the next action way of formulating the tasks.(GTD) just to make it easier….in the head.

  10. posted by bc girl on

    Hi Erin,

    Like the others I also support the two-pronged approach to organization in relation to kids. Specifically:
    1)how to teach organization and time-management to the youngest child up to teenagers, especially when those traits don’t come naturally to you!
    2)how to be organized and manage time when you have kids, from babies up to teenagers.
    I’ve read snippets here and there about including young children in chores and other domestic tasks, but am always confused about what kinds of things to introduce when, and sometimes the calendars and rewards systems and chore charts on the web seem really intense. Perhaps instead of only examples, showing us how to create a system from scratch, and also how and when to update it — that would be really helpful!

    Thanks for listening!

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