Due: A simple reminder and timer app for iOS devices

When you want to remember to do something — especially something that spontaneously pops into your mind — it’s best to record it as quickly as possible so that it doesn’t float away as quickly as it came. You can do that by using a post-it note, you can put a reminder in your Notes or Evernote app, or you can try Due, a simple (new to me) task and reminder app. I tried the app over the weekend and immediately liked it when I realized that I could get started right away. I didn’t need access to the internet, nor did I need to create an account (great time saver).

Here are some additional features I found helpful …

Easy to create reminders

Creating a reminder is intuitive and requires only two steps: adding a title and selecting the date/time for the alert. The app also offers four pre-set times that you can quickly choose from.

Save time by recycling your reminders

All your old reminders are saved in Due’s logbook so you can track and reuse them by creating new ones (with the same title and reminder times). You’ll save a bit of time by recycling instead of recreating the alert.

Set multiple timers at the same time

Need to check the roast in the oven in 20 minutes or to call a client at a particular time? Want to get that 3-minute egg done just right? Due lets you set a timers for each one simultaneously (something the native iPhone app doesn’t allow you to do). And, you can start the timer with just one tap, or rather, flick of the switch.

There is much more that Due can do (like sync your reminders with iCloud or Dropbox, assignable tones for each alert, integrate with other apps), so take a closer look to see if this app is for you.

Platform: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch (iOS 5 or later)
Cost: $4.99
Other iOS apps like it: Beep Me (Free for basic version, $4.99 for paid version), Sorted 2 ($0.99)
Android apps like it: QuickTodo Lite (free), Due Today ($2.99)

What are your favorite reminder applications? Share your recommendations in the comments.

6 Comments for “Due: A simple reminder and timer app for iOS devices”

  1. posted by Molly on

    I love a good ToDo app. The lack of a To-Do app on my iPod Touch (wifi only) was a major issue when I switched from a PalmPilot. I have been using Errands To-Do LIst from Yoctoville for a couple of years. It is free and looks a lot like this app.

  2. posted by Dusty on

    I don’t know what I would do with out my reminders and alarms on my phone. It is my alarm clock and personal secretary.

    I like the multiple alarms set on that picture above. It looks as though this person started some coffee so they could have it right when they woke up. The funny part is that they are sleeping somewhere that their parking expires. This makes it seem like it is not a place that they normally sleep. Haha

  3. posted by Noah on

    I just use the to do list function built into iOS. I think it was added when they released iOS 5 and it syncs across my iPhone and iPad using iCloud. It is nice because I can ask it to remind me to complete ____ when I arrive at work or home and/or at a specific time/date. You can also create multiple to-do lists, and I usually keep one for groceries, one for personal stuff, and one for work stuff.

  4. posted by Martin on

    Like Noah, I’ve been using the native reminders, to do lists, and alarms built right into iOS6. They’re awesome. You can even use Siri to program them, so it’s literally a single press to tell it to do anything. Save you $5. I don’t know what i did without these apps.

  5. posted by Nanette on

    I have been using Appigo ToDo for all tasks and reminders. I tried out a whole bunch of todo apps this summer, and this one was by far the best – it has a really nice clean interface, and it seemed to have just the right features (many of which I had almost given up on finding) – all the ones I need without being cluttered up with ones I don’t care about.

  6. posted by Adele M on

    I use the native Reminders for simple reminders. For keeping track of projects for home/work etc, I like using Task Pro by Alifsoft. You can have sublists with reminders for your tasks, and you can rank items by priority etc.

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