Unitasker Wednesday: Chef’n Grapefruiter Citrus Sectioning Tool

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy!

Remember Dave’s recent post about not needing to swat a fly with a Buick? I think this week’s unitasker could have been featured as the poster child for that concept. It’s a whole-lotta tool for not-a-lotta job. Introducing the Chef’n Grapefruiter Citrus Sectioning Tool:

If you’re like me and have no idea how someone might use this device, let me direct you to a YouTube video demonstrating how to use the Chef’n Grapefruiter Citrus Sectioning Tool. Careful observation of this video will have you noticing the grapefruit had to first be cut in half with a knife. So, to use the Citrus Sectioning Tool you have to dirty it and a knife … a knife that could easily do the exact same thing. A knife that you already own. A knife that doesn’t have an extra –er tagged onto the end of it for some unknown reason — Grapefruiter?

In case you’ve never sectioned a grapefruit (or orange or one of those cross-breed citrus fruits), check out this other YouTube video demonstrating the simple method I was taught as a child to section a grapefruit with a knife. And, you’ll notice in my preferred method, you can also julienne the sections and dice them and do more fancy things and not call the tool a knifer!

I’m sure the unitasker does a nice job and sections grapefruiter exactly as it describes, but it’s one of those devices that only duplicates one of the thousands of actions you can easily perform with a knife.

Finally, thanks to reader Jillian for bringing this device to our attention.

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  1. posted by Anita on

    I don’t have YouTube access at the moment; trying to figure out how one might use this thing is frustrating and entertaining at the same time.

    Looks like a citrus torture device more than anything. “Tell me where the limes are, or the lemon gets it.”

  2. posted by Robin on

    Sectioning citrus always makes me think of my Grandmother. Every year for Thanksgiving, we would make ambrosia. She always insisted on sectioning the fruit and taking off the section skins – it’s not as easy on an orange as it is a grapefruit since the skin is very thin and tears easily. We would spend hours doing it (by hand with our fingers) and she would complain the whole time. Those are some of my best memories of her.

    Anyway, slightly off-topic – just had to share. I definitely prefer the by-hand or knife method!

  3. posted by Nana on

    I dirty two knives … a straight one, to cut the fruit in two. And a curved one, to cut out the segments. Yes, the latter is a semi-uni-tasker — best for citrus fruit, but also can be used when one has no other knife at hand.

  4. posted by Me on

    My husband is the grapefruit eater in our house. He cuts it in half and then scoops it out with a spoon.

  5. posted by priest's wife on

    so many of these unitaskers look dangerous…but now I need a grapefruit

  6. posted by chacha1 on

    My folks used to have grapefruit spoons. They had serrations on the tips. You’d cut along the membrane with a knife, then eat the fruit with the spoon.

    Somehow, I never felt the need to get my own set of grapefruit spoons. And as for this highly dangerous-looking surgical tool … I agree with Anita!

  7. posted by JustGail on

    So…this only works on grapefruit with certain size sections?

    I’ll confess to having a curved grapefruit knife, it is a bit easier than using a straight knife for me. But after watching cooking shows, it seems easiest of all to slice the whole peel off and then section the citrus.

    Grapefruit spoons not only make eating them directly from the peel easier, they also make wicked good strawberry hullers.

  8. posted by NoAlias on

    Sectioning grapefruit was the kids’ job in my house growing up. We used the two knife method Nana uses. Now that all the kids have long ago grown up and moved on, my mother **buys** jars of pre-sectioned grapefruit!! <>

  9. posted by Maya on

    My absolute favorite unitaskers would have to be the curved & serrated grapefruit knife and serrated grapefruit spoons…but this thing just looks clunky!

  10. posted by Anna on

    When I had sheep, I used to trim their feet (sheep have one giant “toenail” on each foot) with a tool that looked somewhat like this one, only larger.

  11. posted by Carol C on

    I’ve never seen the chef’s and your method of cutting grapefruit before ~ thanks for sharing the video!

  12. posted by Debi on

    I do love my unitasker Pampered Chef grapefruit knife, though. It’s a long thin blade, serrated on both sides and slightly curved at the end. It’s long enough to half the fruit, and the gentle slope is slight enough to slice along the membrane, but curved enough to get the most out of the edges. Once I get going I can section a bag of grapefruit and make the week much easier. This is making me long for grapefruit season! 🙂

  13. posted by Liz on

    Is it bad that I think this is actually awesome? I really kind of want one.

  14. posted by Lee Cockrum on

    It also looked to me like the second section did not actually release out of the device into the bowl! It would be a real pain the have to pry the sections out of the tool!

  15. posted by Lee Cockrum on

    Watched the chef’s video after my comment above. I think his method causes a lot of waste. I just peel and eat mine like an orange.

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