Unitasker Wednesday: Watermelon Serving Bowl

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes โ€” we donโ€™t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy!

This week’s unitasker and suggestion for an alternative were sent in to us by reader Tammy, and my initial thoughts were: “but Tammy, you could use the bowl for something else, like pasta!” Which, let’s be honest, you probably could use the bowl for something other than watermelon if you were willing to take the risk of getting stabbed by its pointy edge. However, since the bowl is painted like a watermelon and is called a Watermelon Serving Bowl, my guess is that most people buying this bowl are only getting it out of the cupboard a few times a year (or decade) just to serve watermelon in it.

The reason I went ahead and chose this (potential) multi-tasker as our unitasker selection, though, is because of its awesome product description. In the product description it details the perfect alternative that won’t cost you $30 and doesn’t take up any space in your home to store. From Pier 1’s website:

This hand-painted earthenware bowl works on the same principle as a real watermelon bowl except it doesn’t ever expire.

Maybe I’m alone on this, but the product description made me laugh aloud. In my opinion, a watermelon rind expiring is a convincing reason NOT to buy the bowl. There is no need to store a watermelon rind in your kitchen after you use it and no need to spend time and water cleaning it afterward and you can throw it into a compost pile instead of a landfill and since it comes with the watermelon you’re serving, you don’t even have to pay for it! You probably don’t even need a recipe or instructions for how to make a serving bowl out of watermelon rind, but MyRecipes has a nice image so I’ll link to it:

Thanks, Tammy, for sending in this item and reminding me that solving problems that aren’t really problems often can lead to unnecessary clutter.

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  1. posted by ninakk on

    Silly me has been serving her fruit salads out of normal serving bowls. *gasp what a faux pas*

  2. posted by Robin on

    I don’t know – I think you’re just running out of unitasker ideas. Aside from the onionizer (or whatever it was called), the last few weeks have simply been design or art deco pieces. I admit, I don’t much like “stuff” that doesn’t have function but a lot of people have knick-knack cabinets or places where they keep non-functional items that just make them happy. This bowl is an example of that.

    I miss the real unitaskers – things that actually do have a function but it’s a function that serves no real purpose: that donut lock thingy, the banana bunker, things like that.

    I agree that the description was kind of funny but this isn’t a unitasker any more than a pretty spoon or cup with a picture on it is. Clearly, we need to find more examples of unitaskers for you to showcase. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. posted by Maureen on

    I think you are being a little harsh here. I think this is an attractive, fun bowl suitable for serving fruit or other salads. I think it would be easier to carve up a watermelon if you weren’t concerned with preserving the rind for use as a bowl. I have also seen fantastic works of art made with watermelon rinds!

  4. posted by Sarah on

    Additionally, you can’t cut the watermelon bowl to look like things like a bassinet or a baby buggy for baby showers (http://www.baby-shower.com/sha.....ller10.jpg). If you’re into that kind of thing.

  5. posted by pru on

    I like the bowl. I don’t think I’d buy it, but it’s not nigh-onto functionless like some of the unitaskers you’ve featured. Maybe it’s time to change this site feature up a bit?

  6. posted by DawnF on

    Must. Have. Watermelon. Now.


  7. posted by John Batt on

    when I first saw the bowl, I first thought ‘oh, nice and colourful’ and could see why people might like it..but actually yeah, I kind of just don’t get the point..

    I think I would feel unnecessarily conflicted having to serve other food in a watermelon bowl..and how often do I eat watermelon? Sadly, nowhere near that often.

    The description was funny.

  8. posted by Karen604 on

    I own a similar bowl. Mom made it for me in a ceramics class. It is used all the time. It holds playing cards and poker chips. It sits on a high shelf and visitors never know what is in it. Decorative pieces can be great storage pieces and certainly more attractive than many boxes.

  9. posted by Jeanne Thelwell on

    This just isn’t a unitasker, and silly advertising copy doesn’t make it one.

  10. posted by Scott on

    I agree with pru – this site feature is being strecthed long beyond it’s natural life.

    Especially in this case, I don’t think you even like the idea of a real watermelon bowl, which is why you think the description is so funny. In fact, I read it and understand it perfectly – if you are someone who likes the look of a real watermelon bowl, but do not wish to spend the time to make one each time you would want to, or if you would like to use one perpetually and a real one would not lastโ€ฆhere’s the answer. Simple.

    It’s not a unitasker, in any way. It’s a specialized, kitschy item sure, but far from clutter if it was used often.

  11. posted by JustGail on

    another use for real watermelon rind – making watermelon pickles. which to me should be called something else, as they are really more sweet tasting than vinegar tasting. I should make some again next time I get a watermelon.

  12. posted by krystl on

    I gotta agree with the other posts here. I wonder why “decorations” are listed as unitaskers or are commented on as “clutter”. It does come across as rather harsh to me. I really liked the unitasker, etc. posts, but recently: the salt and pepper shaker holders, this bowl… what next? a candlestick because it just holds candles, Christmas stockings because they are filled once a year, etc.?

    I do not consider seasonal decorations clutter and see them using the same rules as for a wardrobe: a) easily accessible (traded out), b) used at least 1 time in the past 12 months, c) suits me and my life now, d) truly loved/appreciated, e) edited. Having a purpose is a bonus and makes it that much better!

    Everyone has their taste and style and that that should not be confused as clutter or “unitasking”. A bowl is a bowl, no matter how it is cut or colored–and I have a friend who would NEVER put it away during the summer months–she has fruit salads at every meal and loves bright, colourful pieces on her summer table.

    I have neither the time, talent nor inclination to carve my watermelon each time I serve it to preserve the rind for a bowl-just not my talent. In that way this type of bowl is definitely a time saver for those of us not willing/able exert the time/energy to be the overachiever mom/housewife/hostess, etc. and yet have a cheerful summery presentation.

    My definition of clutter: something that just takes up space for no d*** good reason. My definition of a unitasker: an object unnecessarily specializing in a redundant action for an obtuse use peddled to the general public (however not for specialists in unique niches–i.e. specialty baking pans, etc.).

  13. posted by Klyla on

    If you use the real watermelon rind as a bowl, what will the kids use as a handle when they run around the yard eating their watermelon with juice running down their chins?

  14. posted by CD on

    A bowl is a bowl, and pretty useful, I think. Although I guess a bowl can only be used for bowl-like functions, and therefore may be a “unitasker”? Or not.

    I actually have this bowl (which happens to be shaped and painted like a watermelon) — my daughter gave it to me for mother’s day.

  15. posted by ninakk on

    Well, if I had one I would make it double as a fruit bowl on the countertop. No need to add more seasonal crap that comes out just a few times a year.

  16. posted by Allison Venuto on

    I saw a watermelon knife while on vacation recently! Maybe that’s what we could use before we put the watermelon in the watermelon bowl! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Great reminder!

  17. posted by sue on

    I like it! I doubt that the culinary gods would strike me down if I served something other than melon in it. (I’ll confess that my mom has a giant lidded ceramic potato that she serves chips in, tho! It was a childhood oddity that we thought was “normal”.)

  18. posted by Tammy H on

    Ouch! Harsh commenters today! I’m sorry I let you down by suggesting a not so unitasker. I see their point, but remember people, these are submitted by readers (like flawed little me) if you want more unitaskers, go find more unitaskers and submit them ๐Ÿ™‚

    I guess my MO was thinking of ridiculous things you shouldn’t buy, like the intro always says. I guess I missed the unitasker mark.

  19. posted by Jodi on

    So does this make my watermelon “V” shaped carving knife acceptable since it multi-tasks by both carving my watermelon rind and saving me from buying this bowl? ๐Ÿ˜€

  20. posted by Anna on

    So let’s make it a multitasker—hmmm…..

    Soup tureen (especially cold summer soup)
    Container for rising bread dough
    Water dish for the dog
    Trash container for the car
    Temporary peelings container for the kitchen counter
    Ash tray for the unredeemed smoker
    Binder clip holder for the home office
    Remote control holder for the rec room
    Wash basin for the guest cabin which lacks plumbing
    Oh, and is it large enough to wash the new baby in?

  21. posted by Jeanne Thelwell on

    @Tammy – Why is this a ridiculous thing I shouldn’t buy? It’s a decorated bowl. You may not like the decoration (I don’t), but someone else might think it’s charming. Ugly (in our opinion) doesn’t mean ridiculous. If you like the watermelon decoration, and you need a large serving bowl, why shouldn’t you buy it?

  22. posted by Pammyfay on

    Yes, it’s pretty, and if you live in places where there’s a real winter, it’ll make you think of warmth and sunshine and delicious in-season fruit while the sleet hits the windows!

    Unitasker, shmunitasker, whatever — I just want to dive into that beautiful bowl of cut fruit!

  23. posted by Lily on

    Tammy, if you post cute things like this one, people will comment appropriately ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’d use it for any kind of salad, green or fruit. Not pasta, though!

  24. posted by Julie on

    I just bought this (on sale) for a friend’s birthday. I gave it to her full of fruit salad and she loved it!

  25. posted by Peter Barker on

    As others have mentioned, at first it seems like a really cool kitchen accessory that you think you want. You then actually think about it and it seems like a slightly strange idea.

    I mean, the thought of eating a hot steaming dinner on a cold winters night from a water melon bowl seems crazy!

  26. posted by Mountainwave on

    I have a friend who absolutely loves watermelon. Someone gave him a smooth edged version of this and it is an awesome all-around bowl. Heavy enough for me not to send it sailing across the kitchen, holds salad/ noodles/ soup enough for four, and likely six.
    It is lighthearted, and brings summer to the cold Great Divide in the depths of winter.
    If he wasn’t such a light-hearted guy, it wouldn’t work.

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