Uncluttered gifts for Father’s Day

Ties, wallets, and socks might be utilitarian things that just about every father needs, but why not try something a little different this year? Instead of getting a physical gift that may lay around and not be used (or wanted), think about getting something a bit more interesting and, of course, uncluttered.

  • Things to eat.  A couple of years ago, my husband got his dad an exotic meat basket. This gift was actually well thought out because my husband knew his father had an adventurous palate. My father-in-law’s reaction: he loved it! Perhaps a different dining experience might be more appealing to your dad, like eating in the dark at restaurants like Opaque and Dans le Noir, or maybe dinner at his favorite eatery. You could take things up a notch and hire a chef to make his favorite meal.
  • Things to do. If your dad likes being outdoors, take him fishing or on a walking tour. If he likes watching movies, get him tickets to a drive-in theater. Or, you could send him on a quick road trip by renting him that car he’s always wanted to drive. Whatever you decide to get, pick something that will suit his personality because he’ll really enjoy it.
  • Thoughtful things. These gifts help your loved one with a regular chore, but in a bigger way. You might consider giving your dad three months of hair cuts or lawn maintenance. Have his car detailed or replace all the tires. Or, hire a maid service to take care of the laundry once a week for a month.
  • Wanted things.  What does your father want? Has he mentioned anything that would make his heart sing, like tickets to see his favorite sports team?  Does he have a tablet or set of Dremel tools on his “must have” list?  If I were buying a gift for my dad, I’d get a set of of John Wayne movies on DVD (he LOVES John Wayne). And, we’d watch them together.
If you’re still mulling over what to get for your dad this coming Sunday, forgo the usual dad gifts and consider something more meaningful (and uncluttered). You’ll be creating memories that will be cherished and have lots of great stories to share each year.

9 Comments for “Uncluttered gifts for Father’s Day”

  1. posted by Amy on

    My hubby and I started putting our wishlists on Amazon. So we can know what each other would like. We keep them up to date. It’s really convenient.

  2. posted by Sergio on

    if your dad likes to do things, maybe he would like to take a course on something he’s already doing to improve his skills. For example, I’d like to learn all the secrets of pastry making from a professional chef [dear sons, read carefully this comment!]

  3. posted by mlb on

    A few premium cigars make a nice non-cluttering gift for Dad. Well, that’s what this dad would like, anyway.

  4. posted by Roxanne on

    My parents (age 89) like to receive Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods gift cards. They do not need more stuff and they enjoy splurging a bit at the grocery store. They tend to be frugal from years of habit and this loosens them up a bit.

  5. posted by Corrin on

    My father is really getting into cooking for the first time in his life. For father’s day, I’m sending him a cookbook by one of his favorite tv chefs, and I’ve gone through all of my favorite recipes, chosen the ones I think he would enjoy, re-typed them, and put in a recipe binder for him (since my mom says he has printed out recipes all over the house now). I’m really excited about this gift!

  6. posted by Ryan Dunlavey on

    I asked my son to learn to write his (our) last name as my father’s day present. He’s 5.

  7. posted by Sarah B R on

    I make a slide show of photos of hubby with daughter since last father’s day. It’s fun to watch again and again

  8. posted by Cipri on

    This Mother’s Day I asked my husband to help me do some decluttering(especially our entryway closet) in preparation for a Multi-Family Garage Sale. I also asked that instead of a fancy restaurant, I just wanted to eat all day out, at local(non-fastfood) places to grab a quick bite, so I wouldn’t waste time in the kitchen. It was one of the best Mother’s Day Ever!

  9. posted by Sue on

    My father is a borderline hoarder, so I’ve been seeking out “non-stuff” gifts for a while. He lives in a senior complex, complete with a dining hall. I generally take him for pizza because their pizza is awful, and then we play a game of mini-golf. He usually wins because he’s a real golfer. It’s a great father’s day gift – food, fun, and time spent with family.

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