New additions to the Unclutterer family: Introducing Deb Lee

We are happy to announce that two writers are joining our content team here at Unclutterer. Starting today, there will be three active voices bringing you advice, reviews, inspiration, and a little bit of humor regarding home, office, and life uncluttering and organizing. Twice a week, Deb Lee will bring her seasoned perspective to the site (she’s a phenomenal professional organizer who knocks my socks off with her depth and breadth of knowledge about how people can improve their lives with order). And, twice a month, Dave Caolo will share his wit and wisdom (he’s a technology wizard who has helped me improve my digital organization more than any other writer out there). I’ll still be here, too, rounding out the content team.

I really respect the work Deb and Dave do and I’m thrilled you’ll be able to get to know their work. In case you aren’t already familiar with them, they have written brief introductions to let you know a bit about themselves. Deb’s is below, and Dave’s will run on Thursday. Welcome, Deb and Dave.

The fabulous Deb Lee

Hello, I’m Deb and I’ve been anal retentive for, well, forever. I thought I’d open with a joke, but it’s really true, most people would describe me as anal retentive. I’m kind of like the husband in Sleeping With The Enemy, but without the evil, violent, murderer traits.

If my name seems familiar, it might be because Erin has mentioned me in a few blog posts. We became friends through the Washington, D.C., chapter of the National Association of Professional Organizers, of which we’re both members.

As a professional organizer, I help people kick clutter in the arse and manage their time better. I’m also a first-time mom and I’m learning that all my plans for staying organized are much more difficult with a new baby in the house. This transition into parenthood hasn’t been so easy for a Type-A personality like me, and there have been many times the past few months when the control freak in me has needed a time out.

Although I’m personally obsessed with being organized, I’m not judgmental about how other people are. Being organized works best for me and my life. I enjoy being organized so much, though, that I love to help others who are interested in being organized with their lives, too.

Ok, so now that you know a little about me, tell me more about you.

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  1. posted by Joey on

    This is great news! Welcome to Unclutterer Deb and Dave!

  2. posted by Anne on

    Welcome, Deb! I’m looking forward to reading your posts.

    By the way, I was just wondering why you’re moving back to a multi-author format. Didn’t use to be multi-author in the beginning?

  3. posted by Shalin on

    Welcome! 🙂

  4. posted by priest's wife on

    I’m looking forward to your posts…now if I could just find my label maker…

  5. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Anne — Unclutterer is constantly changing. It started as a one-man author format, moved to a multiple-author format, went to a one-woman author format, and now we’re back to a multiple-author format. Since Matt left, we noticed that we missed having a male voice on the writing team, which is one of the many reasons we sought out Dave. He’s not planning to write advice just for men or anything, but he brings something to the table I certainly can’t. We sought out Deb when I started working on my next book. She’s one of the few people I turn to when I’m faced with uncluttering or organizing challenges (seriously, she’s an unclutterer genius), and I trust her immensely. Now that she’s a mom, she’s spending less time in clients’ homes and offices, and writing for Unclutterer worked as well for her as it does for us.

  6. posted by Sky on

    Looking forward to your posts, Deb. Nice to see your picture too!

  7. posted by Secret Squirrel on

    Hi Deb, looking forward to hearing more from you 🙂

  8. posted by Jeannine Bryant on

    Glad to hear that Unclutterer is growing and expanding!! I’m happy to read that Deb is like me – an anal-retentive, Type-A person that loves control and order – and is also experiencing motherhood for the first time. Yikes! Does that throw a curve ball at you, or what?! I’m also discovering that my personality does not necessarily lend itself well to the chaos that comes with parenthood, but I’m learning. I look forward to hearing what Deb has to say as she continues on her journey!

  9. posted by krista on

    Cheers to Deb! Excited for you!

  10. posted by Julie Bestry on

    I can’t think of a more exciting move than adding the Dazzling Deb Lee to the team, and I’m looking forward to reading Dave’s perspective. Mazel tov on constantly improving and reinventing Unclutterer!

  11. posted by eccoyle on

    Welcome! I look forward to reading the different perspectives that Dave and Deb bring to unclutterer!

  12. posted by jsb on

    I’ve been reading unclutterer for a while now and my first response to the change was ‘NO!’ (I’ve got a lot going on right now!).

    After reading Deb’s introduction, however, I’m sold. I can relate so much to what Deb wrote and also Jennine Bryant above – type A, first time mother, trying to juggle everything, and trying desperately to keep everything running as well as it used to (often feeling overwhelmed, stressed and a failure in the process). So, I’m very interested to hear her perspective. And, Deb, you have a gorgeous smile and smiley eyes, which on it’s own brightened my day and was lovely to see.

    And also very interested in hearing a male voice too – we all have unique things to add.


  13. posted by Deb Lee on

    Thanks for the nice welcome, everyone. =)

  14. posted by Louisa on

    Welcome! I look forward to hearing fresh voices. Erin, I have appreciated your calm, thoughtful posts. Awhile back you wrote a very lyrical piece and got some negative feedback from a reader. That type is actually my favorite, the kind of post that is still practical, but rises one notch above the level of detail, and offers a kind of reflection I don’t see much of on the web. I also loved (and miss) last year’s monthly goals and wrap-ups. Just one reader’s preferences. Welcome again, and I look forward to the next iteration.

  15. posted by Ellen Delap on

    Love this intro! I am really looking forward to your posts and insight. Happy organizing!

  16. posted by Peggy on

    Hi! Looking forward to your take on things like managing an elder’s mail along with my own; storing multiple cat supplies (more involved than dog supplies and includes medicines, bags, litter, food, “go-bags,” crates, etc); and managing clutter for volunteers who teach throughout the year (we have supplies, handouts, flipcharts, information boards, etc.) all in a busy home with 2 generations living in it.

  17. posted by Brandie Kajino on

    I’m so happy for you and for Unclutterer. What an awesome match! Rock on everyone!

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