Unitasker Wednesday: The KAZeKUP

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy!

We talk a lot on Unclutterer about honoring the things you choose to keep in your life. Put these things up on a (proverbial) pedestal and enjoy the items you value and treasure. But … the KAZeKUP isn’t really what we had in mind:

If you’re someone who goes to the beach every sunny day during the summer and who doesn’t like to twist your cup into the sand to make a drink holder out of nature, today’s item might not be a unitasker for you. For most of us, however, who only spend a few hours each summer lounging on a beach, this monument to drink holding is probably unnecessary. The pole is pretty long and the holder (as is evident in the picture) is significant enough in size to be able to support a Big Gulp. It’s not a small device; the KAZeKUP is the Olympic Torch of drink holders.

If you’re worried about high tide filling your drink with sea water, I recommend doing what I do and put your drink into your cooler during these brief expanses of time. Anyway, high tide is surfing time — you don’t want your drink to get warm while you’re out on the waves.

Thanks to reader Patty who introduced us to an entire series of beach drink holders. We didn’t even know our cups dug in the sand were uncool.

10 Comments for “Unitasker Wednesday: The KAZeKUP”

  1. posted by Dede on

    We may have hit the first unitasker I would buy. I can’t count the times I’ve had sand in a soda can, or accidentally kicked it over. Living in SoCal, we spend alot of time at the beach/bay, not just in summer, so it would get a bit of use. And my car cupholder isn’t big enough or deep enough to hold a litre bottle of water or a Big Gulp. So yeah, this is a “where can I find it on sale” unitasker.

  2. posted by S K on

    It seems like you could make a similar holder out of a 2-liter bottle and a length of PVC pipe for far less than $25. But I suppose DYI is not nearly as cool as buying a unitasker.

  3. posted by Jesse on

    Dede — there’s some words at the top of this post (under the headline) just for you.

  4. posted by dy on

    I think I could make this a two-tasker. I’ve been looking for something to tether my innertube to at the beach.

  5. posted by Mai on

    My first reaction was ‘I gotta have one’. Of course, I’m like Dede and live at the beach! Thanks unitasker! Of course the product has to be made in the United States for me to buy it. I see its much cheaper to buy it directly from the company than from Amazon.

  6. posted by LD on

    My first thought when I saw this was that you could use it to make fancy turrets on your sand castle 😛

  7. posted by Beth Terry on

    For those who spend a lot of time at the beach, it might seem like a good idea to get a cup holder. But don’t forget, this cup holder is made of plastic. And plastic pollution is a terrible and growing problem for the world’s oceans. Just last week, I ranted about another one of these plastic beach cup holders. I had no idea there were more than one brand/style. What’s really frustrating about these products is not just that the product itself is made from plastic but that they tend to be advertised holding a disposable beverage container.

  8. posted by Lizzie on

    This is random, but I love it that if you click on the Amazon link now it says that customers who looked at this also looked at the clean Rubbermaid plunger. Which makes perfect sense if you read this blog but could leave other buyers wondering what the connection is!

  9. posted by Haira on

    LOL!!! The plunger and kazekup both ‘share’ the same design (upside down)

  10. posted by Carmen on

    I’ve seen something similar at craft shows – but they’re toilet plungers (unused of course) painted up “pretty”. You push the handle part into the ground or sand and use the plunging part to hold your drink.

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