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  • Book review: Keeping It Straight
    Keeping It Straight — You, Me, and Everything Else by Patrick Rhone is a digital book that is part memoir, part simple living and productivity guide, which through a collection of short essays addresses clearing clutter from your life to greater experience happiness.
  • Unitasker Wednesday: Lawn Stryper
    No matter how many times I read the product description I couldn’t figure out what the Lawn Stryper does.
  • April resolution wrap up and an introduction of May’s resolution
    For May, my public resolution is to be more mindful and deliberate about my media intake. I’m not against television, magazines, newspapers, or the internet (obviously), I think they are wonderful forms of entertainment, education, and information distribution. I’ve simply realized that it is more difficult for me to disconnect from media now than it once was, and this doesn’t sit well with me.


  • Celebrity minimalist: Vincent Kartheiser
    Actor Vincent Kartheiser plays the loathsome Pete Campbell on the hit television show Mad Men, and he does it extremely well. (In fact, he does it so well, I can’t watch the show because I truly disdain his character.) In addition to being a great actor, he also appears to be in the running for the most extreme minimalist celebrity in Hollywood.
  • Organizing and uncluttering as entertainment
    If organizing and uncluttering are fun as games, why are these same activities considered chores in our homes and offices? Why don’t we look forward to putting things away? Why is cleaning up after a dinner party never as much fun as setting up?
  • Unitasker Wednesday: Snap On Bottle Tops
    When you’re drinking soda pop out of a can, do you really wish you were drinking it out of a bottle? Is a 12 oz. soft drink just the right size, and 20 oz. way too much? Sure, you could buy a 20 oz. bottle, drink only the amount you want, and save the rest for later — but we both know that would be too easy!
  • Workspace of the Week: Outdoor office retreat
    This week’s Workspace of the Week is NomadJim’s tropical paradise.



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