New paper sorting and filing products

Four days last week, I attended the National Association of Professional Organizers’ 24th annual conference in Baltimore. It was nice to see so many terrific leaders in the industry and catch up on the latest trends and research relating to uncluttering and organizing.

One of my favorite parts of the conference is the exposition hall, which is filled with manufacturers, retailers, and service providers who work closely with the professional organizing industry. Many of these providers use the conference to introduce new items that aren’t yet on the market, as well as to solicit suggestions for how professional organizers think products can be improved.

Today, and then a couple days next week, I want to feature some of these new and yet-to-be released products so you can see the latest trends in organizing. A couple of the items are in the “new-to-me” category, but most of them will also be new to you. To be clear, I’m not getting any sort of payment or kick-backs for writing about these products. These are simply the items I found interesting and helpful for common organizing problems.

I’ve grouped the items into themes, and today I want to feature the new paper sorting and filing products —

Pendaflex has a few new products that caught my attention. The first is their PileSmart View Folders. If you’re someone who insists on piling papers instead of using a filing cabinet, these are folders for important papers that include tabs so you can easily see what you’re searching for in your stack:

Another Pendaflex product I like is their Divide It Up File Folders. These are great for sub-dividing paperwork for small projects:

The final Pendaflex product I thought could be useful are their new Ready-Tab Hanging File Folders. Instead of hunting for plastic tabs to insert into the folder or having those tabs accidentally pop off, the tabs are part of the folder and pull out of the folder itself:

The Smead Company is now making Lockit Pocket Folders that have a tab at the top of the folder to keep papers from sliding out during transport. These are great for important papers you can’t afford to have slip out of their folders:

Next up is Smead’s Vertical Divided File, which is so new you can’t even order them yet. They are vertical folders with interior pockets and tabbed dividers. These would be great for organizing a trip, similar to the Pendaflex Divide It Up Folder, but for folks who prefer vertical folders:

Also related to the topic of paper management was word from the people at Fujitsu that we should expect to see updates coming to the ScanSnap 1300 series of scanners at some point during the summer. They were tight-lipped as to what those updates are, so I imagine they’re going to be good ones.

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  1. posted by @R on

    That vertical divided file was exactly what I was looking for earlier this week! Guess I’ll just have to wait for it.

  2. posted by beth c on

    Oh my! You had me at pendaflex…. I might need to finally revamp the current non-working system…
    Thank you!

  3. posted by wch on

    If you’re vertically stacking papers, don’t forget to use the handy-dandy binder clip with a DYMO label stuck to it. It positions the description in the proper direction (instead of file tabs that stick out of a pile, but you need to look downward at the pile to read the tabs). With the binder clips I can read it from ten feet away. Takes up less space than a folder too.

  4. posted by Nancy on

    I’m going to try making that vertical one out of old cereal boxes. I store some files in magazine boxes and the side tabbed folders are a hassle in those. Thanks!

  5. posted by Wednesday on

    You wrote: “Another Pendaflex product I like is their Divide It Up File Folders. These are great for sub-dividing paperwork for small projects.”

    I agree but…great design, lousy quality card stock.

    I like the design of these and bought a pack containing a dozen. But after using them a couple of days, I realized the quality of card stock Pendaflex is using in them means the Divide-It-Up tears and wears in a matter of days. This is with regular handling–as in carrying the folder from home to office and storing/removing pages.

    My co-workers and I took one apart to see how it was made and then constructed some from regular file folders to use. So disappointing. I wrote Pendaflex with this same feedback; the rest was silence.

  6. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Wednesday — When did you buy them? The material they were made from last year, I agree, was super flimsy. But the ones they had at the NAPO conference this year were much, much, much better. I hope that I linked to the right version, because the new ones are worth recommending … the old ones definitely were not.

  7. posted by Dewan on

    wow! this is amazing range of products, finally will aid one to organize papers

  8. posted by Scott Roewer on

    I gotta say, I’m partial to Pendaflex – after all I am ‘The Pedaflex Organizational Expert”. I would like to offer a few suggestions.
    I love the PileSmart View Folders with Write on Tabs. I also use the LabelOnce file folder labels you can buy at The Container Store. This allows you to write on the label with a Sharpie, erase it and use it over and over. I use the PileSmart folders for numerous things.

    Also – with the Ready-Tab folders, they come in 1/3 tab positions as well as the 1/5 tab positions. Might be helpful to your readers.

    Finally To “Wednesday” Can I see if we can get you some new samples sent to you? I want to make sure you’re happy. Erin can give you my email address.

  9. posted by bhushan on

    The Lockit Pocket looks pretty useful.

    I’d be curious to know if they also showed some eco friendly tools (rewritable/ erasable etc?)


  10. posted by Rachel on

    I just bought a package of the Pendaflex Divide It Up folders from Amazon. They must be last-year’s version, because they are super flimsy, as mentioned above.

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