Recent updates and notifications from the Unclutterer staff

A few items of note about things at Unclutterer:

  1. Unclutterer is now on Pinterest. You can find our pinned items at If you’re not a member, you don’t have to join to see the images and inspiration we find from around the web. We usually add a few pictures a day that run the full gamut of uncluttering and organizing styles.
  2. If you go to our homepage to read our content, you may have noticed a permanent advertisement for The Six O’Clock Scramble on our page. We are such fans of the service and how it helps to reduce stress in the kitchen that we have decided to become an affiliate of the service. Don’t feel obligated to subscribe to the Six O’Clock Scramble grocery list and recipe emails, but if you want to subscribe, we would love for you to click on the link from our site. Doing so helps us to pay our bills and keep Unclutterer available to you for free. Plus, as I’ve written before, we really do find the service to be wonderful, and working with their company has been a delight.
  3. Speaking of our homepage, you also may have noticed that there is no longer a link to our posts on Real Simple Magazine’s website After four years of writing for this publication, I decided it was time for me to step away from being a regular contributor. I still might publish with them occasionally, but I’m no longer under contract to work exclusively with them. As a result, stay tuned for Unclutterer advice in other publications — but always, of course, here on
  4. This last item isn’t about uncluttering and organizing, but is about Unclutterer’s continued charity support of relief efforts in Haiti. We are committed to helping the people of Haiti get clean water, medical treatment, and other services they so desperately need. We would love it if you could join us in supporting those in need through Partners in Health (or a similar organization of your choosing), or simply learning about the dire conditions most Haitians have been experiencing since the devastating earthquake in 2010: “An Urgent Message from Dr. Paul Farmer.”

If I have forgotten any updates, I will add them to the comments.

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  1. posted by momof3 on

    while it was not medical or health related, my women’s group at church this winter made 150 dresses for young girls out of pillowcases that we embellished with rick rack, lace and other ribbons. Some were gently uses cases, other were brand new. We also sewed pockets on them….pattern was gleaned from the Sewing with Nancy website.

    Discussion is teeming with the idea of shorts for boys out of T-shirts OR diapers for babies out of T-shirts. What ever is chosen, I know at least 40 women will be working on the project!!

    The best part, a woman in our group know a woman who travels to Haiti every other month and delivers the dresses/shorts/diapers directly to the people who need them!

  2. posted by April on

    Rather than have almost 300 pins on one board, you should make multiple boards with pins in a specific theme. You’re not using Pinterest to its full potential as it is. Just giving your pins a glance I see several boards you could break it up into (by room, by task, diy, use of color, etc.).

  3. posted by Shalin on

    This has another episode of “The State of Unclutterer”, we now return you to your normal interwebs browsing…but really you should poke around this site a bit more – lotsa good stuff ๐Ÿ™‚

    @Erin, Thanks for the updates ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. posted by Layla on

    Before I flew back to school after the break, I picked up a random book and didn’t expect to like it… it was Mountains Beyond Mountains (biography of Dr. Paul Farmer) and really enjoying it. It’s been permeating my daydreams and distracting me from school. In a good way.

    It was great to see this on your blog ๐Ÿ™‚

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