Workspace of the Week: Inspiring cord management

This week’s Workspace of the Week is Tomek’s cable containment solution:

Good cable management is hard to master, but Tomek has done an impressive job with his home office. He has attached a pegboard to the back of his desk with nails, and then has plastic pegboard locks keeping the cables in place. It looks like you also could easily do inexpensive zip ties, if you set the ties in place before mounting it to the back of the desk. The two dangling plugs are ones that go into the wall, so those wouldn’t be seen when they’re plugged in and the desk is in its normal location in the room. Thank you for the inspiration, Tomek, and the reminder that pegboard can be a wonderful organizing tool.

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  1. posted by Josh @ Live Well Simply on

    Now if you could just eliminate those cords entirely, that would be elegant.

  2. posted by Joby on

    I did a pretty neat thing with cable management last time I uncluttered my desk.

    I put strips of velcro along the backs of all the shelves. Now I wrap bundles of cables in double sided velcro cable wraps (no need for the expensive custom-die-cut ones, you can buy just a big roll of double sided velcro for cheap). So my cable wraps stick to the velcro strips on the back of the shelves, and everything is tidily held in place, but still easily un-bundled to change things.

    It lets me get all the wiring for a computer, Xbox, and speakers. Plus all the video is run through an automatic HDMI switch, which has one extra cable bundled up and easily accessible in the back for plugging my laptop into the big monitor.

  3. posted by Thrift Store Mama on

    I’m in the middle of redoing my home office and this was great inspiration. I don’t think I can use pegboard (I have a vintage secretary’s desk from the fifties) but I can definitely use 3M hooks and cable ties to get the cords off of the floor. Living in an older house (1928) our baseboards are fairly deep – almost 1 1/2 inches, so there should be ample clearance for the cords.

    Thanks for the inspiration – looks like I have a weekend project !

  4. posted by Elizabeth H. on

    What’s the purpose of the green capped bottle on the lower right of the picture?

  5. posted by Emmy C on

    I have the same question as Elizabeth H! What’s the bottle for?

  6. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Elizabeth H. — It’s an ink bladder. You’ll notice its cable feeds into the back of a drawer instead of being plugged into anything. My guess is that it pumps into a printer as necessary, instead of using a cartridge.

  7. posted by mark on

    Saw this on a few years ago. The post was targeted more to storing various electronics out of site behind a desk (dsl modem, router, etc).

    Great use of pegboard, but if you are going to tackle something like this, use zip ties instead of the lock things. Cheaper and more versatile as you can daisy chain them for larger items.

  8. posted by Tomek on

    Hi people. I am very pleased that my desk was selected on the desk of the week. Thank you!
    Erin Doland is right. Bottle works exactly like this:

  9. posted by Jennifer on

    I thought this desk from CB2 was neat – it has a hidden compartment in the center for clutter

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