Unitasker Wednesday: Avocado Cuber (and Avocado Pit Removal Tool and Avo Saver and Avocado Knife)

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes โ€” we donโ€™t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy!

I’m fairly certain our Unitasker Wednesday feature could exist entirely on kitchen gadgets that do the same thing as knives. There are so many of these doodads and geegaws that you might be able to avoid using a knife in your kitchen completely if you had an unlimited supply of money and storage space. Sure, knives are incredibly functional and built to handle all your chopping, slicing, and dicing needs — but why use an incredibly simple knife with products like the over-engineered Avocado Cuber on the market:

My word. Are people really so rushed for time that they can’t watch a one-and-a-half minute YouTube video to learn how to cut an avocado with a knife, but somehow have enough time to drive to Williams-Sonoma to buy this thing? What confuses me the most is that you have to use a knife to cut the avocado in half and remove the pit just so you can use this device. Therefore, you dirty a knife and the Avocado Cuber, creating twice as many dirty dishes. Any time you might save using this device (which, my guess, is not that much) you then waste when you have to wash twice as many gadgets after slicing.

Well, if you like extremely specific kitchen tools made for just one purpose, don’t forget to buy an Avocado Pit Removal Tool, an Avo Saver (you’re apparently saving the “avo” half, not the “cado”), and an Avocado Knife to go with your Avocado Cuber. Who only knows how you will function in your kitchen if you don’t have all four specialty gadgets?!

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  1. posted by Becca on

    I can actually get behind the Avo Saver. Do you know how many times I’ve eaten the whole avocado because I know that it won’t last if I try to put it in a bag? I know that avocado is good fat, but that is a ton of calories that I don’t need to eat.

  2. posted by Charlotte on

    There’s also the Avocado Slicer, for those days when cubes just won’t do.


  3. posted by Pete on

    You could also use it to play a small game of lacrosse with the pit.

  4. posted by Shalin on

    I have to admit – this is pretty clever. Perhaps not quite enough to put down money for, but….tempting…

  5. posted by Dea on

    @Becca: if you leave the pit in the part you are saving and place it in a tupperware-type container in the fridge, the avocado will keep fine for a day or two. This works fine for my family at least. The outer edge will darken a bit, but it’s fine to eat (or scrape off if preferred). Know what you mean, only so much good fat one can justify in a sitting!

    Re: the avocado cuber, I have my doubts about it’s usefulness for all avocados, as they can really vary in size. Seems this might not work so well on the narrow, petite avocados…But I’ll never find out from firsthand experience due to my using “just” a knife. : )

  6. posted by JustGail on

    I’m still mulling over the english muffin splitter, yay or nay. But I’m with you 100% on this one, Erin.

    But I would appreciate tips on keeping a cut avocado nicer!

  7. posted by Robin on

    I have to say, I’d love the avacado saver. I’ve never found a satisfactory way to keep the half I don’t eat fresh. Leaving the pit in HELPS but, whether in a plastic bag or tupperware, it’s turning dark within a few hours. I even rub them heavily with lime juice.

    That said, I find that all I really need with an avacado is a spoon! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. posted by WilliamB on

    @Robin –

    The reason avocados turn brown is oxidation from exposure to air[1], which will happen when the avocado is in the open, or in a bag, or in a container. Only covering that blocks air from the cut surface will prevent the browning. So to prevent rapid browning, cover the avocado’s surface with saran wrap pressed down so there’s no air between the surface and the wrap.

    [1] If we lived on a planet where the air had no oxygen the avocado wouldn’t oxidize and turn brown … but when we couldn’t breathe, at which point we wouldn’t care if the avocado got brown.

  9. posted by Kelly on

    Use Fruit Fresh on cut avocado. I tried it once, figuring if it works with apples, it should work with avocados. And it does.

  10. posted by Miss Brooklyn on

    As someone who needed 4 stitches after an avocado mishap last summer, I’m not so quick to sneer at the pit removal tool. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. posted by Kevin Lindsey on

    I like Petes comment about lacrosse–first thing I thought of too!

  12. posted by Diane Balch on

    I go with Alton Brown’s advice. The only unitasker you should have in the kitchen is a fire extinguisher.

  13. posted by WENDY LEE on

    hi just stumbled across this site. forget the ‘gadget’. to slice an avocado just cut in half, remove seed (yeh yeh with a knife) then put the avo in the palm of your hand and using a normal drinking glass scoop out the flesh starting at the small end. press down firmly as you go in one movement and you should get a perfectly ‘peeled’ avo half. then i just chop up carefully in the palm of my hand.
    also i learned from a tuckshop lady to cover the surface of unused half of an avo with a piece of damp papertowel

  14. posted by Bridget on

    Trick I learned: Put the cut avocado in a seal-able container with a piece of cut onion. Works very well for me.

  15. posted by Mrs Catch on

    To avoid a brown avocado, leave the stone in the half you don’t eat, then carefully put the two halves back together (yes one wil be empty – that’s OK). Will keep avo fresh with no plastic or washing up.

  16. posted by DawnF on

    Geez, now I really want some guacamole. ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. posted by Jodi on

    Who cuts avacado? You have to mash it for guacamole! (no offense to those who cut them…I just had never thought of it because all my avacados are smashed into guac; and all our pits are sprouted by the kids who insist someday we will successfully grow an avacado tree in Pennsylvania LOL)

  18. posted by Maya on

    O heavens! What do you do if you want slices of avocado for a sandwich, or smaller cubes for your salad? Or if you only want to eat a quarter of the avocado!! Oh, wait a minute, my knives work perfectly for all those situations. ๐Ÿ™‚

    As for saving them: I do it all the time with half or quarter avocados. The brown edge doesn’t affect the taste. A good ripe avocado will keep days in a jar or tupperware even when sliced. And if the brown bothers you, just scrape it off. Just don’t buy mushy avocados because they they are already on the other side of ripe.

  19. posted by DebF on

    Saw this today, it’s full of uni-taskers, but that Stair Drawer looks fantastic, especially if you can do it with a whole staircase! I also like the zippered earphones and wonder if the rolling bench concept isn’t an untapped market…


  20. posted by Pete on

    To store avocado without it turning brown store it under water. Fill a container full of water and drop in cut avocado. There is so much fat in them that it won’t get waterlogged.

  21. posted by evaberry on

    Not only will you have twice as much washing up, but that “net” on the avocado cuber won’t be easy to wash up, thus wasting even more time!

  22. posted by Jancey on

    I often eat half an avocado- I then cover the remaining half (including the pit) with saran wrap or put it in a small plastic sandwich bag- and it stays just fine. Might get a tiny bit brown, but still completely edible. In fact, I just ate a half that was left from 3 days ago, and it was delicious.

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