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Thanks to the website Pinterest, I’ve recently come upon some inspiring home organizing solutions that I wanted to share with you. has a wonderful tutorial for making a mini office in a chest that is uncluttered and organized and perfect for a teenager or someone with little paperwork:

I don’t have a custom-built closet, but if I did, I would want pants storage like this closet featured in Better Homes and Garden:

Small tension curtain rods make great dividers for vertical storage in the pantry — again from the brilliant people at

The website has pictures of a truly beautiful pot and pan organizing system by Rev-a-Shelf:

And, I’m not exactly sure where the website FFFFOUND! found this storage gem, but the under staircase storage in this home is gorgeous:

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  1. posted by Alix on

    The pot-and-pan system is awesome. Maybe I’ll start using my dishwasher for that instead of storing cleaning supplies in it, as I do now. (I’m a firm believer in hand-washing dishes.)

  2. posted by Wendy on

    I have been in LOVE with the under stair storage since I saw it a few months ago. We don’t even have stairs, but I bookmarked it and I judge houses we might buy by whether this would be a possible upgrade.

  3. posted by babysteps on

    Great pix! Using tension rods in the pantry is genius.

    When we moved recently, I put two wire desktop folder organizers (that had been lost in a basement box at the old house) to work in my under-sink cabinet for cutting board storage. With the purchase of 2 small drainboards (actually shallow plastic trays) underneath, I can put my cutting boards away right after I rinse them off (instead of waiting for them to dry on the counter). I don’t have anything else under my kitchen sink (cleaning products & etc. are in my pantry).

  4. posted by Karen on

    WOW – great ideas! I absolutely covet both the pot-and-pan system and the under-the-stairs pull-out drawers.

  5. posted by Kyle on

    The pot-and-pan system is nice, but I can’t imagine what I would do with so many pots and pans! I only have four burners!

    Love the chest-office and the under-the-stairs storage, though.

  6. posted by snosie on

    Kyle, i too wondered about ALL the pots, I think the photo is a plant by a pot company!! I currently have one saucepan and one fryer pan!

    Alix – my dishwasher is a draining rack for the big stuff! It’s just me, so there’s no point ‘waiting’ for a dishwasher cycle. Plates etc, fit in my skinning sink side draining board, but the pots and pans are for the drying the dishwasher – my mother thinks I’m nuts!

    The curtain tension rods are great too, just not sure I’ll find them that small… Have a great tension rod ne in the bath/laundry for ‘gently worn’ clothes, drying swimmers, and drying work out wear before putting it in my hamper – absolutely LOVE it.

  7. posted by chacha1 on

    The under-stairs storage is really great, but I would have mounted the handles for the first two cabinets vertically. I get what they were going for, lining them up with the slope of the stairs, but it looks kind of goofy. 🙂

    Pot storage: surely this is a staged photo, not someone’s actual kitchen. I hope. Or maybe they have an eight-burner cooktop.

  8. posted by Bedalia on

    The under-the-stairs drawers look amazing, but isn’t that where stairs to the basement would normally be?

  9. posted by joanna @ I Won't Be A Hoarder Too on

    Those sliding stair cabinets are the greatest thing ever! I don’t have the built-in pot rack but I’ve found that using an old dish rack is fantastic for holding pots (and doesn’t require Martha to show up in your kitchen!)

  10. posted by [email protected] Small Houses on

    I love the office in the chest..

    My husband and I were just talking about an office in a closet where you close the doors when you’re done.. but that chest is really helpful for a tight spot!


  11. posted by Heartlover1717 on

    The mini office in a chest gives is a great idea that I can use for an old footlocker…

  12. posted by Eleonora on

    The under staircase storage is a brilliant idea!

  13. posted by JustGail on

    Let’s face it – all these photos are staged. I don’t mean it in a bad way – just that these photos are supposed to sell the possibilities and dreams of what could be. Even workspace of the week photos here. I know if someone wanted to photograph my storage in use, I’d be doing some straightening up first!

  14. posted by Bibliovore on

    Also, Erin, check out the separate rolling pants storage in this apartment — no need for built-ins!

  15. posted by Ann on

    Bedalia, maybe this house is in the southern U.S. In the several decades I’ve lived in Texas, I’ve only known one person who had a basement (even though we certainly could use them), and it’s the same throughout most of the south, while everybody I know in the midwest has one.

  16. posted by K on

    The pants storage looks nice at first, but I think it would be a pain in the neck to use. As best I can see, the horizontal rods are holding at least 2 pr pants each, and you’d have to lift the entire rod out to hang a pair of pants, either that, or stuff them (and thus wrinkle them) down through the slots, probably dislodging the pants on the next rod.

  17. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Ann and @Bedalia — I think underground water supplies and earthquake risks determine if a region has basements or not. No basements in New Orleans, for example. Also, where I grew up, a lot of homes had cellars for food storage that weren’t attached to the house.

  18. posted by Dave Dash on

    What’s your pinterest account so we can follow?

  19. posted by Cindi on

    Just a note, if you look at the bottom picture of the stairs, you will see the one’s going down…

  20. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Cindi — GREAT catch!

  21. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Dave — I only have a personal account right now. I should put in to make an Unclutterer one. Stay tuned.

  22. posted by Karla on

    it looks like the orignal use for the tallest cabinets under the stairs was for wine

  23. posted by Louise D'Allura Revamp Professional Organisers Pty Ltd on

    Oh my… I’m drooling over the under the stairs storage! Soo brilliant.

    Thanks for sharing these Erin!

  24. posted by mab on

    I have an IKEA wardrobe — where I live rooms don’t come with closets — that has a pants holder better than this: the posts stick out toward the doors and are open so you can easily pull the pants off. The whole rack also pulls out. Above it — a wooden shelf with dividers to hold scarves, belts, etc. Below — two pull-out wire mesh drawers for shoes. At the top — a pole for hanging clothes. It’s super-efficient. I store a lot of clothing in a small space and have easy access to all of it.

    The under-the-stairs system made me drool with longing, too.

  25. posted by Mark Harrison on

    Maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t see any advantages to the ‘pants storage’ over putting them on wooden hangers, which:

    – Have a higher storage density
    – Allow me to get at any pair without disturbing the others
    – Allow me to put away any pair without disturbing the others
    – Let me see which pair I’m getting at a glance
    – Allow me less handling between initial drying and closeting (I take from dryer, and put on hanger, which then spends a few days in the airing cupboard [1]) Moving the hanger with trousers on it from the hanging rail in the airing cupboard to the one in my dressing room is much easier than rehanging.

    [1] I don’t know whether North Americans have ‘airing cupboards’ in the same way us Brits do… It’s basically a small closet that also contains the hot water storage cylinder and is thus a lot warmer than the rest of the house, used for drying clothes in cold/wet parts of Europe.

  26. posted by Franziska on

    You’d be surprised how many pots and pans my husband (a trained chef) can use in the preparation of a single meal on our four-burner stove 🙂

  27. posted by Jonathan @ punchlifeintheface on

    I really love the office in the chest! Maybe not too practical though, if you’re wanting to use the top of the chest as a work surface.

  28. posted by Mary on

    I have had that exact same picture of the office chest in my home binder for the last few years! I guess it’s my retro version of Pinterest.

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