2011 Holiday Gift Giving Guide: The Six O’Clock Scramble deal for Unclutterer readers

In our kitchen-themed post of our 2011 Gift Giving Guide, I alluded to the fact that we would be offering a special deal for The Six O’Clock Scramble in mid-December. The time has arrived, and I am eager to share the details with you.

If you’re unfamiliar with The Six O’Clock Scramble, it is a service started eight years ago by the magnificent Aviva Goldfarb. Each week, for a very small fee, she emails subscribers a menu plan, corresponding recipes, and a shopping list. The meals are nutritious, seasonal, budget-friendly, and quick and easy to make. You can also customize meal plans to work with your specific food preferences, intolerances, and allergies. It’s also nice because you don’t waste money at the grocery store on food you’re not going to eat before it expires. Aviva is a master at home cooking, and her service helps subscribers become experts, too.

A subscription to The Six O’Clock Scramble helps reduce stress about what to serve every night for dinner and is a perfect gift for anyone on your list who has any anxiety about getting good meals on the table night after night. (It’s also a great gift to ask for yourself if you’re the one wanting to get out of a mealtime rut.) Best of all, to sign up for a subscription, you don’t have to go to a mall or fight any crowds. It makes a wonderful last-minute gift, too, since her website doesn’t close at 9:00 p.m. There are 3 month, 6 month, and 2-year subscriptions available.

Since the theme of this year’s Unclutterer Gift Giving Guide is high utility gift giving, a subscription to The Six O’Clock Scramble seemed like a perfect fit — there aren’t many gifts that can be used every single day by the recipient and reduce so much stress. Now, on with the good stuff …

The discount details: When checking out, use the code UNC11 to get 20 percent off of all subscriptions, gifts, and otherwise. The code will go inactive on December 27, 2011. A huge “thank you,” also, to Aviva for working with us to offer a holiday deal for our Unclutterer readers.

Again, and this should go without saying, Aviva did not pay us to choose her service as a selection for our 2011 Guide. We are big fans and I’ve even been a happy subscriber to the service (and love it). We are also not currently affiliates of The Six O’Clock Scramble. However, we are considering becoming affiliates because we think it’s such an awesome program. As I’m writing this, though, we have not received a single penny as payment nor have we been promised a big wad of cash at some point in the future. (Okay, now I think we’ve met our legal disclosure obligation.)

If you or someone on your recipient list would benefit from such a useful gift as The Six O’Clock Scramble, consider taking advantage of the 20 percent discount and ordering a subscription.

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11 Comments for “2011 Holiday Gift Giving Guide: The Six O’Clock Scramble deal for Unclutterer readers”

  1. posted by Diana on

    Thank you so much! I can’t wait to try it out.

  2. posted by Sharon on

    Having to make dinner every night is the very definition of stress and clutter as far as I am concerned. A gift that would de-clutter that would be a gift certificate to a store that has pre-prepared meals, or a catering service. Not something that provides me with yet more chores that I need to do. It’s rather like saying a decluttering gift is a new vacuum cleaner that does x, y and z. Uh, no, a decluttering gift is a gift certificate to a cleaning service that does the vacuuming for me.

  3. posted by Karen Newbie on

    I’ve subscribed to a service like this, and while it provides a very organized approach to meal planning, it does still require that you purchase the food, prepare the ingredients, cook the food, and repeat for each meal.

    @Sharon mentions pre-prepared meals or even a catering service. A slight adaptation of that (and less expensive) is the “easy meal prep” industry, which is comprised of stores that are usually located near residential communities and that offer meal assembly services or an “assemble-yourself” approach to meal planning. There is a website that lists all of the stores that belong to this industry group, and you can search by location or by name to find one close to your zip code. http://www.easymealprep.com/main/direct02.php

    I’ve used the services of a few of them over the last 10 or so years: Let’s Dish, Dream Dinners, and Simple Suppers. Basically, you purchase from a menu the selections you want. If you are assembling the meals, you do so at their work stations that are fully stocked with all the prepped ingredients, measuring spoons and cups, mixing bowls, and plastic or foil containers. They do the shopping, chopping, and cleaning – you only assemble your meal to take home (according to their detailed instructions) and freeze for future cooking. For slightly more money, you can purchase the meals pre-assembled for you – just bring your cooler and take them home.

    These stores have provided me a wonderful dinner solution for busy evenings that are spent getting someone to little league, basketball, dance, or other after school commitment. They allow me to get a healthy meal on the table in a much shorter amount of time than any other solution I’ve found (outside of hiring a Personal Chef).

  4. posted by ninakk on

    I think it sounds like a great gift for a person who wants to cook every day yet has trouble finding the time to coordinate everything to an extent that special needs are met and no waste is created while pulling off quick menu after the other. It obviously does not fit a person, who has other needs than to cook from scratch daily. Also it sounds like the fee she has is low versus the worth of her service compared to a store gift card for full meals. I would like very much to try the daily organizing helper gift out! I’m still struggling to discover true keepers that are also quick to prepare.

  5. posted by Erin Doland on

    @Sharon — I don’t think of this as a decluttering gift, but an organizing gift. Since we eat almost every meal at home, it’s nice to have it all organized for me.

  6. posted by Jodi on

    Another idea for people (like me) who wouldn’t want to be boggled with the cooking is a book like MegaCooking. I spent 3 days cooking last September (or was it August?) and was able to cook 9 months worth of food (including all the grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning). Financially it worked out to around $4 per meal to feed my family of 6.

    A service like Erin recommends would be awesome for a lot of people and I hope those people discover it and love it! For my life it would be a huge burden…I love only having to grocery shop twice a year and only spending about 5 minutes a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner total) cleaning my kitchen. Just another suggestion for people. 🙂

  7. posted by Travelocity Coupons on

    I would like to suggest all of you make you holiday awesome with you friend and family give gifts them and also take them and enjoy your holiday.

  8. posted by Meghan on

    Her recipes rely on a lot of pre-chopped or prepped food. This doesn’t save money. Anyone can cut down on their meal prep time if you buy lots of prepared sides and pre-chopped produce.

  9. posted by Aviva Goldfarb on

    Hi Meghan, thanks for the feedback but I’m not sure why you say that. My recipes use lots of fresh produce and other foods that can be quickly prepared with a sharp knife on a cutting board, but they don’t use a lot of pre-chopped or prepped foods. We do keep the recipes simple, though, and they are all family tested and approved.

  10. posted by Diana on

    Wow. I just finished cooking my first meal from The Six-o’clock Scramble and it is delicious! I’m going to become a permanent subscriber. I love cooking, and I also enjoy the inexpensiveness of cooking healthy meals from scratch. Thanks, Erin and Aviva! 🙂

  11. posted by Aviva Goldfarb on

    Diana, I am so glad to hear that! Thanks so much for giving The Scramble a try, and thank you, Erin/Unclutterer for recommending us!

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