Unitasker Wednesday: Topping Tornado

All Unitasker Wednesday posts are jokes — we don’t want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness. Enjoy!

Reader AMK sent us this unitasker that just might get the award for being the most unnecessary unitasker we’ve ever featured. Introducing, Wilton’s Topping Tornado:

The purpose of this gigantic plastic device is to evenly distribute sprinkles on top of an iced cupcake. You’re not missing anything, all it does is shoot sprinkles at a cupcake.

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  1. posted by Julie Bestry on

    Oy. I think the person who buys this is the one who measures the distance between tree ornaments to create perfect balance. Me? I’m still trying to figure out how you can make cupcake tops the way you can make muffin tops, because I’m all about the frosting and there’s always just too much cupcake!

  2. posted by Sandy on

    … useless and $24.99, WOW.

  3. posted by Don on

    I think this is a kid’s toy masquerading as a unitasker. I suspect this is 2% about even sprinkle distribution, 48% about a goofy and fun visual effect to entertain kids, and 50% about a way to let the kiddo be involved in cupcake decoration without getting sprinkles everywhere.

    Makes me think of those coin donation things where the coin spirals around in a circle; the kids don’t care about the eventual charitable donation anymore than they do the sprinkle distribution here. The point for them is that it looks cool 🙂

    Maybe this would more accurately be called My First Unitasker.

  4. posted by CM on

    Don, it does look kind of entertaining… I could imagine picking it up at a yard sale, using it to entertain kids at a party, and then passing it on. Of course, this requires someone else to buy it for $25.

  5. posted by Jen on

    That’s really funny. It looks like it wouldn’t even work very well, but I agree with Don, might be a fun kids’ toy.

  6. posted by Stefano on

    Ooh wow…it’s even made by the proper Wilton cake decorating people! I had thought that at least the cupcake would spin but apparently…not. The video on youtube:


  7. posted by Celeste on

    Unitasker or not, my fourth grader would love it.

  8. posted by Jodi on

    If it iced the cupcake too then they might be onto something!

  9. posted by LoriM on

    I don’t want to clean it.

  10. posted by JC on

    The video showed that a removable tray that conveniently catches all the sprinkles that don’t land on the cupcake. That’s nice, but who’s going to sort them back into the correct containers. Do you need to get a new container for the “slightly used” sprinkle mix from the tray if you don’t feel like sorting?

    I confess that I have a lot of unitaskers for cooking and baking, some of which aren’t used but a couple times a year (plastic scroll templates for piping iced curliques on fancy cakes anyone?), but this sprinkler doesn’t really impress me. Half the fun of sprinkles is putting them on by hand and tossing them on from different directions; the complete lack of uniformity when children help out in the kitchen. There were also some silicone cookie cutters in the video. I used to think that the whole point of a cookie cutter was to create a set shape. Apparently, I was wrong.

  11. posted by Max Leibman on

    The only person I know who I think would have a semi-legitimate use for this is an acquaintance who has a business making cupcakes.

    And I’d bet even she would even reject it, either on the basis of professional pride (“I can distribute the sprinkles evenly manually, thank you!”) or art (“Unevenness of sprinkles is part of the serendipitous magic of baking!”).

  12. posted by luxcat on

    I know I”m the perpetual pessimist… but…

    one more bit of useless plastic crap for the already choked landfill

    enough already nutty marketing/factory people!

  13. posted by [email protected] on

    This is really funny! Of course, we adults think it’s a ridiculous waste of money…but I can guarantee if my 6 year old daughter saw this, she would think this is a Must-have that she could not live without! The manufacturer’s point exactly…target the kids who will drive their parents crazy till they buy it! lol My daughter would enjoy it for hours though so it might be well worth the money to keep her occupied!

  14. posted by DivaJean on

    What a tragic item. Have we really de-evolved to the point where we must use gimmickry and machinery to even sprinkle confection on a cupcake?

  15. posted by Beth on

    This is clearly a toy, not a tool.

    (Considered as a tool, it’s pointless and useless. As a toy, different standards apply!)

  16. posted by momofthree on

    What a bunch of hooey!! what is wrong with shaking sprinkles out of the jar they come in? The hole is not that big on my sprinkle shakers, I just got up out of my chair at the computer and checked! Never had a problem aiming at something as small as a cupcake!!! If my sprinkles come in a little tub, with a big lid, I have one demitasse spoon from my mother in law that we use. Scoop up a little and viola–a sprinkled cupcake and I saved my self $25 plus tax!!

    What will be thought up next to go into the landfills…..thanks to the reader who realized that someday many of these will be laid to rest there for eons!!

  17. posted by Valerie on

    It could be used as a science toy

  18. posted by Layla on

    I’m impressed you didn’t say it “takes the cake” for most useless unitasker 🙂

  19. posted by organizingwithe on

    Even the woman demonstrating it in the video seems to know this is completely pointless!

  20. posted by Miranda on

    I watched the “how to” video, read this post, and EVEN though it’s a kids toy, it STILL seems pointless, and I’m GLAD it’s a unitasker. I mean, in the “official” video, it took SOO much longer to set it up than it would to just shake some sprinkles onto the cupcake! It’s just adding an extra step that’s unnecessary, and can take about a minute if you fill all SIX needless “portals”, as they call it.

    They take the fun, one minute sprinkle experience and turn it into a whole afternoon of torture for the parents having to watch their kids to make sure they’re doing it right.

  21. posted by gjm on

    Why would you watch the kids use it all afternoon? Just let them have at it!

    It is completely pointless, but they would LOVE it!

    About the landfill comment…should they stop making toys completely? Unless the item breaks quickly, it should be passed on, not thrown in the trash.

    BTW, I am not buying one.

  22. posted by Brigitte @ Clutter TOSS on

    Wow, I would have to agree this one takes the cake as the most useless item I have seen in a while. Up there with that egg sheller plunger that was all the rage a couple years ago.

  23. posted by Rondina on

    Julie, in response to your frosting quandary. I actually saw a show on HGTV (not the Food Network) where Antonio renovated a bakery. The cupcakes were apparently tasty, but not quite up to the style now reflected in the bakery. He had a professional baker come teach the owners how to do that. You put a puddle (with your pastry bag) in the middle first. Then start at the cake and wind your way up. I don’t think they had a professional sprinkles technique though.:)

  24. posted by inna on

    If your kid’s too lazy to shake the sprinkle container, he doesn’t deserve a cupcake to begin with. Instead, give him a piece of celery (a small piece, mind you), and an old shoelace to play with. Not a sprinkle machine.

  25. posted by Chris on

    It is called Wilton Kids so it is made for kids and mine watched the video and think it’s cool.

  26. posted by Another Deb on

    I am trying to figure out what I can use this for in the physics unit when I find one (or twenty) at the Goodwill.

  27. posted by JustGail on

    Julie – I wonder if those muffin top pans would work for cupcakes? Although frosting them like Rondian mentioned would work well and avoid buying more pans.

  28. posted by Debra on

    I saw one in the store this weekend. It was $39.99! Crazy. My kids will sprinkle the sprinkles on your cupcakes for free.

  29. posted by Wendy on

    I saw this at Bed, Bath and Beyond this morning and couldn’t wait to get into the office so I could send it to you. Of course, when I Googled it, your post about it was one of the top hits! HAHAHAHAHA!

  30. posted by Kimi on

    My 6 year old stepdaughter saw this with her mom and just about died. Her mom didn’t want the thing so her response was, “just ask Kimi to buy it for you”. Ha ha ha. I did not buy it. It was first priced at $39.99. It’s now marked down to $14.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond. Our reason for not wanting to purchase it is because we just don’t want to make cup cakes every weekend but my MIL got her a cup cake maker so… Now I’m online to see if there are any reviews yet for this silly thing. I think most people saw the item and shook their heads though.

  31. posted by karen on

    Just used this with my 6 yo, it’s now her fav bday present. Messy, otherwise useless, and kept her involved and happy for a long time. Unitasker ftw! In addition, the.cupcakes look great.

  32. posted by cheryl on

    My 9 year old daughter got this gift for her birthday. Since I am not a cupcake maker, I put ice cream in small bowls and she placed that in the topping tornado.
    My daughter thought that this was the most amazing thing she had ever seen. I have never in my life come across such a useless pathetic contraption.
    This device does not keep the sprinkles from spilling all over the countertop and floor and leaves a terrible mess for mom to clean up. The contraption also takes time to clean afterwards. All in all I have to ask myself which is better: A few seconds of sprinkling the old fashioned way or a half an hour clean up after using the topping tornado.

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