A single sweater, 12 ways

While at my local outlet mall a few months ago, I picked up a Long Sleeve Classic Cozy from the Donna Karen New York (DKNY) shop. I was instantly drawn to it because of its versatility, and over the past few months have truly fallen in love with this cashmere and silk sweater:

In theory, I can get 12 looks from the sweater. I’ve only been wearing it for 5 of the looks, however. Even wearing it just 5 ways, I feel like I got a wonderfully uncluttered deal with 5 looks from 1 sweater (and at the outlet store, I paid only $70 for it). It’s also ideal for travel and bringing to the office. Its instructions say to dry clean, but I’ve been very carefully washing it by hand with a little Soak Wash and laying it flat to dry. It’s my new favorite piece of clothing — flexible and fancy.

There are videos for how to create all 12 looks and even a smart phone app. I’ve donated a number of my other sweaters to charity since I haven’t been wearing them. I love this multiple-look addition to my wardrobe.

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  1. posted by Karen on

    I just bought one of these and hope I will like it as much as you. I have troubles finding items like these (simple, not too elegant but also not too boring and just a little bit special and with good quality) so thanks a lot for posting this.

  2. posted by Jennifer on

    Thanks for posting this! I recently found a line called Butter by Nadia that features high quality jersey wrap dresses and separates that can be worn in many ways. I bought two of their pieces and now check their site regularly–in fact they have an online sample sale coming up. I also found on ebay a convertible wrap dress by Elan that was much cheaper-I prefer the weight and quality of Butter.

  3. posted by LaTX on

    It’s spelled Karan – 2 a’s…..

  4. posted by Alix on

    Got to be a pretty thin sweater if you can wear it as a scarf!

  5. posted by ~m on

    How did you choose a color?!

  6. posted by Ralph on

    Reminds me of the Ashley Stewart 10 way dress!


  7. posted by Pru on

    What a neat sweater! I wish I could find something like it just one size up from what’s available.

  8. posted by Liz on

    @Pru- You are correct. These designers seem to miss the fact that 50% of American women are size 14 and over and they have money to spend. Will be looking for something similar in my size.

  9. posted by falnfenix on

    whoo…i was on board until i saw the price. we don’t have an outlet here.

  10. posted by Gloria on

    @Pru & Liz – Yes! This is yet another design that would easily work for a plus-sized person. I will never understand why they don’t make any effort in this regard and deliberately exclude people who would buy their product.

  11. posted by Oliver on

    @Pru & Liz & Gloria – instead of complaining about the size not being available, check out this website: http://www.fit2fat2fit.com – Yes You Can!

  12. posted by Rebecca B. A. R. on

    On Overstock.com they have a DKNY Long-sleeve cozy wrap sweater for $65, but they are currently out-of-stock. They can notify you by email when they are back in, though. They also have a Hanna G Women’s Draped Front Wrap Cardigan that look similar for $35, that is in-stock. If you look up wrap sweater or wrap cozy you may find more.

  13. posted by Alix on

    Posted by Oliver – 11/07/2011

    * * *

    How about accepting the fact that not every woman over a size 12 is fat or unfit? And that not every woman could, if she lived on celery sticks for a year, get down to that size? It’s like asking every guy to be at least six feet tall — ain’t gonna happen. Clothes are supposed to fit the person, not the other way around.

  14. posted by Gloria on

    @Oliver – I don’t know you, but I’m going to assume there’s more to you than that jack*ss comment.

    It would have been nice if you’d given me the benefit of the doubt as well. I’ve already lost a ton of weight after being on steroids and a whole host of other drugs for psoriatic arthritis in addition to meds for Hashimoto’s Disease & chronic depression – all which make losing extremely slow & difficult, but not impossible.

    In the meantime, I still need to wear clothes, do I not? I’d just like to have some fashionable choices and I don’t think that’s too much to ask for.

  15. posted by Alix on

    Posted by Gloria – 11/07/2011

    In the meantime, I still need to wear clothes, do I not? I’d just like to have some fashionable choices and I don’t think that’s too much to ask for.

    * * *

    Sorry, Gloria. That would just encourage fat, lazy slobs never to change! We can’t encourage slovenly obese women (size 12+) in any way, even if those fat pigs don’t have a stitch of clothing to wear. They should stay home, out of sight, until they’re thin enough to fit into normal-size clothing and not assault our retinas with their disgusting appearance. Plus, they probably have cooties. It’s for their own good, you see.

    Fluent in English, Sarcasm.

  16. posted by Gloria on

    @Alix — I think we can all agree that’s the unspoken rule! LOL!

  17. posted by infmom on

    That might look great on a skinny model, but on plus-sized me it’d look like I went out wearing a worn-out bath towel. Oh, but look, Oliver’s got the solution, all I have to do is get my lazy fat butt in gear and new worlds will open up!

    But you know, that anorexic model still looks like she’s wearing a worn-out bath towel.

  18. posted by c on

    These malicious comments make me laugh. There is a reason people voice their rude opinionated remarks on the internet. Because they’re too busy being judgmental to have a real life and friends. And yes they do make similar things in bigger sizes, you just have to look around at places that cater to larger sizes.

  19. posted by candy on

    Wow, that is beautiful. Now I want one 🙂 I love items of clothing that I can use in different ways.

  20. posted by Erin on

    Ugh! The one day I tried to take off work and someone goes all nasty comments. Boo. I’ll delete in a few days. Sorry, gang!

  21. posted by Availle on

    I love this thing! Unfortunately I don’t like online shopping (I MUST feel & try the thing), but if I’m lucky, I may find a real shop somewhere…

    For similar, and a bit cheaper options I can heartily recommend http://www.rosarini.com

    Soft fabrics of the “everything goes with everything else”, in sizes from 6 – 22. Designer is a tall Australian woman living in Hong Kong who got fed up with the Chinese designs that only fit doric columns, and started to make her own.

    Careful though: Whatever her winter designs, they are made for Hong Kong winters, which are 10 deg C at the lowest…

    Whenever I go to Hong Kong, my first stop is her shop. And then, to Marks and Spencer’s…

  22. posted by Alix on

    @Erin Noooooo! You can’t cancel your day off for stuff like this! A little bickering among commenters isn’t the end of the world. Go! Flee! Have fun!

  23. posted by snosie on

    Hey Erin – I know you think negativity is clutter, but perhaps let it wash over you – people just like to whinge, and comments need to have the positive with the negative, the nice with the nasty. I mean, today’s examples are just a joke (as in, people are being trolls and that’s all).

    On the other hand, I saw this in a DKNY outlet in Atlantic City and umm’d and ahh’d but didn’t buy one… I just couldn’t work out what colour, and whether it would be warm enough for what I wanted… Now you make me wish I’d bought one!

  24. posted by Sooz on

    @Erin, if you’re even looking at the comments, you have not taken the day off from work!!

  25. posted by Zen friend on

    Anyone know a site that sells attractive jersey knits that are mostly cotton? I have sensitive skin–allergic to wool and can’t wear things that are mostly synthetic. Thanks!

  26. posted by Mary on

    Love it!!!! I am going to look for it at the outlet in Cinci and if I don’t find it there I’m waiting for it to go on sale! I love stuff like this! My sister had us wear the Victoria’s Secret multi-way dress for her wedding in April and same thing, we all had unique looks with one dress. Being a bridesmaid was the perfect excuse to buy it. Now, versatility is simply my excuse. 🙂

  27. posted by Alex on

    I love this and want one! Do you think Donna Karan would give your readers a discount? I bet there will be some people interested after this post.

  28. posted by jimican on

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  29. posted by Amanda on

    Victoria’s Secret sells a very similar multi-way sweater on their website for a little cheaper. They also have a multi-way dress, but I’ve never tried it. Their clothing is very good quality and is almost always machine washable.

  30. posted by Liz on

    Sorry, jimican, my high-school French fails me.

  31. posted by Kate on

    I bought a similarly styled sweater in all-cotton, not sachmere, this past spring. Cashmere does not fit my climate very well and the cotton I can wear for three seasons (all but winter) as outerwear.

  32. posted by gypsy packer on

    My actual size may go from 9 to 16 depending on the state of my allergies and my arthritis. I love the Stewart dress and probably will purchase one; a more durable and more flexibly-sized cardigan would be really appealing.
    As someone who works in Ts and sweats, I need few dress outfits and these multistylers sound like just the ticket, even at the price. A post on similar clutter-busters would be sooooooo welcome!

  33. posted by Stephanie on

    I will have to find time to watch that video – I cannot imagine how one gets from style 2 to style 11!

  34. posted by L McGill on

    For any diyers out there, you can sew this exact sweater yourself for much, much less, even if you use luxurious fabric. Google Simplicity pattern 2603 and check out all the positive comments about this pattern.

  35. posted by Olga on

    I noticed something: however many variations is promissed by the manufacturer, you always end up with one or two favorites. More over, as time goes, the thing becomes unfit to be used in all other variations simply because it’s used in certain manner (I mean it slightly deforms or worn at some places or whatever).

    Please pardon my English, as this laguage is not my native.

  36. posted by Miss Brooklyn on

    Dear Oliver,

    Please try to find it in your soul to grasp how offensive, insulting and degrading it is to log on with a male handle and give orders to female commenters regarding their bodies. You do not own the bodies of anyone who comments here and to behave as if you have dominion over a female body in particular is disgusting.

  37. posted by suzjazz on

    This might be a stupid question, but the draping, wrapping, and tying looks complicated–is it hard to do? I am all thumbs even with a simple scarf.

  38. posted by Joby on

    Just wanted to let you know about a company that sells versatile clothing, which I discovered through The Minimalists website (www.theminimalists.com): Revolution Apparel — http://www.revolutionapparel.me/home/

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